Friday, March 22, 2013

American idol and truth

So I've gotten sucked back in. I don't know when it happen, well, that's a lie, I do. I was channel surfing and caught Candice Glover singing I Who Have Nothing, and there's nothing like someone with a huge voice singing really well to suck me into a singing competition.

And so I'm back in. And while watching the rest of the show last week and this week, I realized why I'd stopped watching American Idol. No one tells the truth on the show anymore, at least not during the performance show. Sure Keith Urban is seriously charming in his seemingly genuine enthusiasm. I could live without Nikki Minaj critiquing outfits, and well, everyone else in general, but even after a terrible performance, everyone just kind of goes meh!

At least Simon used to tell people the truth.

And last night, Iovine actually gave proper feedback, a night after the performance shows. There's nothing worse as a viewer than watching someone give a totally mediocre performance and having all the judges go on and on about how lovely the person is and how their soul showed through in their singing... seriously!

To me it devalues the power of a great performance, because if everyone is great, than no one is truly amazing.

And I know in the real world of pop music, how someone looks is as important as how someone sings, but for my reality tv, I'd like it not to matter, please.

And while I'm ranting, can we stop with the awful personalities grating off each other shows? Housewives, restaurant owners, art gallery workers, interior designers and anything else. Even the commercials for the show make me grate my teeth.

Ok, off for my second cup of coffee for the day. Maybe more caffeine will make me less grumpy.


Maureen McGowan said...

I haven't watched the past 2 seasons of Idol. I'm just so bored with the whole thing, although I imagine if watched one I'd get sucked in again too.

And yet for some reason i get sucked into some of the shows where people with grating personalities grate against each other. Maybe they make me feel better about my own behaviour and lucky to have the friends that I have...

I watch the Beverly Hills and Vancouver versions of the Housewives. Not proud of it, but I do. And it is so hard to believe the behaviour of most of these women. Ridiculous. I'm sure the producers encourage drama, but it's got to come from somewhere dark and nasty in these women's personalities. The husband of one of the most annoying women on the Beverly Hills show committed suicide after the show aired last year. And still, I watch. And watch her exploit her husband's death to manipulate people.

The other bad personality show I almost enjoy is Verbal Abuse Kitchen -- I mean Hell's Kitchen. I swear they cast the stupidest people on the planet just so that Ramsey can swear at them and throw food and plates around...

Stephanie Doyle said...

I too gave up on Idol - but I'm sure would be sucked back in with a great performance.

But Sinead haven't you heard - there is no truth in anything anymore. Not politics, not in sports and not in reality TV.

Wow - do I sound cynical or what?

Anonymous said...

Maureen, I've managed to avoid the housewives, only because the tone of their voices is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

And Steph, you are so right, there is no truth. Not on TV, right?

Stephanie Doyle said...

No, the only "truth" in TV now... is good fiction.

On the plus side as we've talked about a lot of it - there is plenty of it out there.

Did you all see that Veronica Mars is now going to be a film. For a donation of $35 I get to see the script. I want to know what I have to pay - to actually contribute...

Of course my only concern is the Veronica Logan relationship - a dynamic I plan to steal for my upcoming Super series.

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