Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love girls.

No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

So last Sunday, Andy and I went to hear his friend Lynn Asher play at a singer songwriter evening at a bar in Fairfax. I went because my New Years resolution was to go hear more music with Andy in bars. It makes him so happy and giving up a night here and there of wearing stretchy pants while drinking wine on the couch seemed worth it to make my sweet baboo happy.

It was Lynn and three other singing songwriting women. It was fantastic. Truly fantastic. I'm completely blown away by the amount of talent out there. More than that, though, I loved the songs they wrote. They were songs about the stuff I care about. Relationships. Hopes. Dreams. Love. Loss. There was one song called "Baby's Gotta Have It" about weaning a daughter. There was another song about the death of a friend that I can't talk about or I'll start crying.

I'm also listening to Tina Fey's Bossypants. She is super funny. Underneath all the funny, though, Ms. Fey's got some stuff to say. She has stuff to say about what's funny, about the differences between men and women, about ambition and about going on a cruise for her honeymoon (btw, Ms. Fey, I am indeed part of the cultural elite because I totes got the David Foster Wallace reference). Stuff I care about. Stuff I think about. Stuff I wonder about.

Here's the other thing about all this girly stuff. Lynn sang with three other women. Each one of those women learned all the other women's songs so they could play them and harmonize and back each other up. As each woman took the mic, she would take a moment to thank the other women. It was awesome.

Tina Fey talks about the changes at Second City and Saturday Night Live while she was at those two places. She talks about the myth of competition between women. She talks about supporting each other.

So I'm saying yay for girliness! Do you have a favorite girly attribute? Tell me. I'm totally listening to you because that's one of the things that girls do.


Molly O'Keefe said...

oh man - I love me some girls too!!! I haven't read Bossy pants yet - but it's on my list.

I particularly love our girl STEPHANIE DOYLE who FINALED FOR THE RITA!!!

I am going to be telling the story of Steph shaking her ta ta's in Nora Robert's face all week in Anaheim!!!

Maureen McGowan said...

I bought Bossy Pants, but haven't read it yet. But that myth that women are constantly competing with each other makes me insane. It's the main conflict in nearly every hollywood movie and I do not know women like that.

And Stephanie!!!!!! I could not be more excited for you!!! Made my day yesterday to hear the news!!!! (exclamation points to infinity)

Stephanie Doyle said...

Maureen - of course women are competing with each other - don't you watch the Bachelor!

Just kidding. I agree - at least in the romance/writing world I find the support far out weighs any type of negativity from competition.

As for the RITA thing - I'm still on cloud 9. Just really can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie!!!! so freakin" thrilled for you....

and I've read bossypants and what came through in that book is how much Tina Fey loves her friends and how much pride she takes in their accomplishments.
they support each other, help each other and laugh at each other and it totally works.
Kind of life in the writing community. We critique each others work in a sincere attempt to help our fellow writers get better.

Eileen said...

STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome!!! Enjoy the ride, girl!!!

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