Friday, June 24, 2011

What to do if you are not going to the national conference

OK, so I'm not going, which sucks, because I love New York, and hanging with other writers and drinking, but I've tried to come up with things that will make me feel better being left behind.

1) Drink - not my usual, but a nice mohito maybe, or a fruity cocktail. I'll pretend I'm in a bar in NY while I drink it.

2) I'm going to read a lot. I'm reading the Karen MArie Moning Fae series and loving it. I'm onto book 2 and expect to get to book three before the other drunk writers return from the conference.

3) Work, on my writing - If I make it a really productive writing week, I know I'll feel better about not going.

4) Watch Tru Blood - because that show always cheers me up.

5) Buy a new pair of shoes - a guaranteed pick me up, always. A pair of wedge strappy sandals perhaps.

6) Not run - because if I'm not running through central park with Molly and Eileen, then screw getting exercise.

But truthfully, I'm mostly planning to work this week, try and finish up the edits on the current WIP. Because if I can't be at the conference, then what will make me feel better is being productive.

There you have it. Anyone else have any suggestions for what to do if you're not going to nationals?


Simone St. James said...

This is my first time going, so I've watched everyone else go every year.

I always write like crazy that week, like "ha, while you guys are all talking about writing, I'm actually doing it." It works actually!

That and reading. And drinking. And going to barbecues.

Eileen said...

I never thought too much about it before I started attending and now I'd hate to miss it. There are too many people that I only get to see that one time a year. Plus it's probably the one time a year that I get to give myself over to fully being an author and nothing else for several days. While I'm at the conference, I'm not at my day job, I'm not at taking care of my kids or my mother, I'm not even paying attention to my boyfriend. It's all about me.

Sinead M said...

Reading, drinking and working... that's exactly what i'll be doing..

But it is nice to spend a few days that are about nothing but writing, so enjoy.

Maureen McGowan said...

Ha! My fav on your list was the exercise one. Because if you can't run in central park with Eileen and Molly, really, there is no point.

Like Eileen, I have trouble not going to this conference because it's a great time to see people etc. But this might be my last RWA for while... My next books aren't even vaguely in the genre so it's getting harder and harder to justify the money for this conference. Might do an SCBWI conference instead... or something in the sci-fi world... A something-con -- but I will miss my romance peeps. (And who am I kidding. It's in LA next year, right? I'll probably go. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the RWA conference in New York must be especially exciting - will be glued to my twitter feed. It was so much fun following along last year.

But I'm really hoping to go next year when it's in Anaheim - my old stomping ground and only 4 hours from home now - yippee!

Simone St. James said...

It's so, so hard to spend that money when you're not yet published, though. I always felt like my time would be better spent writing something killer to submit.

My books aren't square in the romance genre so I'm not sure I'll go again either. This year was a present to myself.

Karen Whiddon said...

I couldn't go this year either and I seriously swore I wouldn't miss NYC. Went in 2003 and it was a blast.

That said, I plan to drink heavily and miss Steph who I usually hang out in the bar with and close the bar down with.

Sigh. You peeps that are going had better have a full report!

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