Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Launches

I just came home from a fabulous book launch party and once again felt like kicking myself for not having some kind of event when my books were released this spring.

But... on the other hand... I'm just not sure it's me. I do think for my next book I will try to have a launch, but it's definitely outside my comfort zone.

This party tonight, for the lovely Lesley Livingston's new release Once Every Never, was the kind of event I wish I could hold, but know I don't have the, um, whatever it takes to plan and host such an event.

She had actors in costumes! A stage! A musician playing! Free wine and beer! At least 200 people! Including Robert Sawyer, who's a pretty damn big name in the sci-fi world... (Among other things, he wrote the book that that TV show Flash Forward was based on.) And reps from both of her publishers, Harper Collins and Penguin showed up... (The new book is Penguin Canada, her previous series was HC in the US.) And her reading, well, she's an actor and it showed. So good.

I can't imagine the stress of planning and executing something like this event. I'd be imagining that no one would come... or that I'd get on stage and shake uncontrolably (whereas normally I'm good with public speaking) or that someone would heckle me and tell me to get over myself already.

Have you had a big book launch? Would you like to?


Molly O'Keefe said...

Oh man - I am so in your boat. I feel like if I threw this big party - who would come? Or who would care? Would I care? Besides being stressed out about doing it... but you made homemade cookies for your party! Home made! That's no joke.

Sounds like it was a great time and her books are sooooo beautiful.

Eileen said...

I'm actually contemplating NOT having a launch party for my second book. I don't usually have dancers, but I do have booze and music (it helps that my boyfriend has a band) and food and fun.

It's pricey and stressful, but it is a chance to publicly thank people who helped me and a good way to get local press to do a story about my book.

I'm just tired of my own dang voice, though. I did the last one with my friend Spring and that made it fun. I kind of don't want to do another one this year.

Sinead M said...

I'm too lazy... it's my excuse for a lot of things

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