Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Preparing for Conference

It's that time. Conference is two weeks away and I've just realized I have no postcards to hand out for my August book, no shoes or bag to go with the periwinkle cocktail dress and no business cards.

I am most worried about the bag. Luckily we'll be in New York City where someone will be offering to sell me bags on nearly every street corner unless that spot is taken by a pashmina salesperson or a felafel stand. I can't wait.

Oh, I'm working on my talk, too.

Who all's going? What do you have left to shop for? What are you preparing?


Stephanie Doyle said...

I need a dress... but first I have to loose 10lbs.

So I'm wrapping myself in plastic wrap while running on the treadmill nightly... that should work right?

If it doesn't I'll be showing up at the HQ party in nothing but spanx. Should be lovely.

Maureen McGowan said...

Here's my list of to do's:

- make bookmarks
- make new business cards
- schedule meetings
- lose 30 pounds
- buy entirely new wardrobe

I can do that in 2 weeks, right?

Eileen said...

Of course, we can do it! Although, Steph, I think Rihanna wore the Spanx outfit a few years ago. She accessorized with a coffee filter brassiere. You should totes go for it.

Eileen said...

And one of the really big questions is what color should I paint my toenails? Right now they're a very bright pink and I just don't think it says what I want it to say.

Red is always classy, which is kind of not me. I always love blue, but I'm afraid it might clash with the periwinkle dress and not really go well with the black dress.


Molly O'Keefe said...

I have two outfits. Two. And about thirty different events. I'm getting in early on Monday to go shopping. Don't tell my husband.

Is it a faux pas if I wear the same thing I wore to my editor lunch last year to my editor dinner this year?

as for toenail polish - I saw someone with a shade of orange that I won't lie - I loved. I'm really looking forward to my pedicure...summer feet....

Eileen said...

I certainly hope it's not a faux pas! I'm wearing the dress I wore to last year's Pocket party to the NRCA Awards ceremony and the dress I wore to the Pocket party in San Francisco and the Ritas in DC (I think, maybe it was Atlanta?) to the Berkley party and the dress I wore to my cousin's wedding to the booksigning and the BBA Awards ceremony.

Hmmm. Tangerine. That sounds refreshing and summery.

Sinead M said...

oooh.. there is this really great OPI taupe colour called You Don't Know Jacque that is my next pedicure colour.

Simone St. James said...

Ha! I have never been to Nationals before so cannot be accused of recycling outfits.

I have the weight OK and the dress but I do not own a pair of high heels. Shopping for them has not gone well so far.

Also, the only pants I own are jeans, so I am starting to stress about finding and wearing real pants. This seems foreign to me!

Eileen said...

You know, Simone, I've seen more and more women in jeans at the conference over the years. I think one of those dressy pairs of jeans (you know, the ones that cost more than all the dresses I've bought combined?) would be totally appropriate.

Simone St. James said...

Well darn it, I'll just have to go shopping and see. It's a rough life I have over here.

I have already picked my toenail polish. It's a nice pink. I'm too chicken to do orange, lol.

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