Friday, June 17, 2011

Characters I wish I'd written

I know I've written a similar post before, so consider this an update, but it's a constantly changing thing for me, based on which movies I've seen, what I've read and what shows are on Tv.

for starters, I'm intensely jealous of the character of Tyrion on Games of Thrones. I wish I'd written him, even concieved of a character with so much depth, so much more at play than his physical being.

Jenny Jones, by Maggie Osborne, is always a character I will love. So different from the standard romance heroine, but my favourite heroine for that reason.

Zadist (stupid name aside) - because he's, by a long shot, my favourite JR Ward hero and the first that comes to mind when I'm thinking of my favourite romance heroes.

Coach and Tami Taylor on Friday night Lights. Ok, technically two characters, but this portrayal of a marriage seems so true and the drama between them always feels real and the writers have never resorted to creating drama through infidelity, or misunderstandings or anything that would happen on another show.

I'm stopping there, but would love to hear other people's lists and the characters I missed, because I know I missed a lot of fascinating fictional people.


Eileen said...

Henry and Clare in Time Travelers' Wife. Patti in Freedom (she needed a friend and I felt I could be that for her). Lucky in Lucky's Lady (that's just pure lust).

That's what I've got off the top of my head.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Friday Night Lights - I wish I'd written Riggins and Vince. I think I probably have just with much less talent.

Samuel in The Star and The Shadow

The Heroine in Dream A Little Dream - can't remember her name, too lazy to look.

either of the maids in The Help - to be able to so fully bring to life a character and a history that has nothing to do with me, or none of me in it...awesome. AWESOME.

Man, I just can NOT get into working right now...

Maureen McGowan said...

I'm reading The Help right now and I'm in awe of how clear each of the three voices are. In awe.

I wish I thought I could write anything close to as great as Friday Night Lights. I am so sad that I know we don't have many episodes left.

I would like to have written just about any of those characters.
I also wish I'd written the woman from Ain't She Sweet. (Sugar Beth? My brain isn't working) Or Becky from the Shopaholic series. She was crazy, but she was so freaking clear. John Irving writes a lot of great characters, too... That Dr. from Cider House Rules... Garp... Owen Meany. The list is endless.

Eileen said...

Oh . . . it's people we wish we'd written, not people we wish we could meet . . . it gets confused in my head some times. :-)

I wish I'd written Clare and Jamie from the Outlander series. I wish I'd written the boy in Robin Hobbs' Apprentice series. I wish I'd written Scarlett freaking O'Hara.

I loved The Help. Such a great book in so many ways. Does anybody know how that lawsuit against her turned out?

Stephanie Doyle said...

I wish I had written Mary Russell from the Laurie R King books. Total 1920 kickass Bombshell who got to be married to Sherlock Holmes..

I need to keep thinking about this...

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