Saturday, September 27, 2008

Repitition, otherwise known as the dumbing down of my entertainment choices

Been noticing a really annoying trend lately. Characters in shows spouting the most inane dialogue in an attempt to recap what’s been happening. The most recent case was Fringe where a main character basically recapped the highlights of the previous two episodes and the shows focus so a viewer just tuning in would be very clear on what’s happening.

Which is great for that viewer, but as someone who has been watching, really annoying and on top of that it was poorly interjected into dialogue flow.

The guy that created Fringe also created Lost and I guess he took some criticism for Lost being impossible to follow, so he decided to make Fringe really easy to follow. Too easy to follow..

The same happens in reality TV, where each moment is recapped three times for us, so twenty minutes of actual events becomes an hour long show.. (sadly, I still watch… I’m a weak person)

I’m even noticing it in a book I’m reading, it’s a contemp, sort of chick lit and the heroine has an interesting job, but the author keeps telling us. And reminds us again, and again, and how she got into it, and how it’s a secret from her family and friends.
And then in case the reader missed it, reminds us again..

And I’m just about ready to throw the book against the wall.

I’d rather not understand enough than be hit against the head with explanations.

I am ready for a great contemporary read, or a chick lit. I’m all paranormaled out.. Any suggestions?


Kristin said...

I was okay with the dialogue-as-explanatory tool for "Fringe." As long as they are done doing it now that we are almost into the 4th show.

However, what I really, really hate are reality shows that lead into the commercial with a 'coming up next' bit that reveals what will be going on when we come back. I always fastforward through those bits. They are like mini-spoilers, and I hate them!

"Project Runway" does this as do a few other 'higher quality' reality shows.

The other thing I hate is running up to a commercial break, right before a big reveal, they will stop for ads. Then, when the ads are over, it's almost as if they rewound for a few seconds. Like you'd forget what you were just waiting to see...the results of a vote or a weigh in or what have you. Do they really think we are that dumb?

Sinead M said...

Kristin, great point, I hate when they rewind after a commercial break as well.... like we'd forgotten what had happened in two minutes..

It makes me appreciate more the shows that don't stoop to doing that..

Oh, and Dexter season 3 tonight...very exciting..

Annette said...

Have you read any of Jeanne Ray's books? My favourite is Step Ball Change, followed by Eat Cake. They are contemporary novels. The heroine is older in each of these books, but I found myself easily relating to them, despite the age gap.

Sinead M said...

Annette, I haven't, but I will now.
I've been itching for something a little different as all I've been reading lately are paranormals, or historicals..
Thanks for the suggestion..

Maureen McGowan said...

I'll loan you Molly's copy of Amanda Eyre Ward's Forgive Me next time I see you. (If I don't see Molly first to give it back to her.) Not exactly "light reading" but it's easy to read (zips right along) and is pretty great.
I've just picked up Joanne Rendell's The Professors' Wives' Club, but haven't started it yet.

Heidi the Hick said...

My 12 year old son discovered Fringe when I wasn't aware that he was downstairs with the TV on. It's not exactly the kind of show I'd encourage him to watch.

He loves it. It's got enough scary stuff to thrill him, enough gore to satisfy a typical boy, and enough science fiction to stimulate his brain and imagination.

So far, no problem following the story. Maybe this means it's aimed at 12 year olds?????

Molly O'Keefe said...

Maureen and I just got back from the Ottawa conference -- I'll post about it...right after I sleep, but almost every book given away at the conference was a paranormal...this trend is going nowhere -- which is great! But I was surprised.

I'll loan you the two contemporary Connie Brockway's I've got. They're pretty great.

Sinead M said...

Right, the conference... I forgot...

Looking forward to Maureen loaning me your book, Molly, and those Connie Brockway, or I might have to re-re-read a Susan Elizabeth Phillips..

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