Monday, September 15, 2008

The Joys of Fall Television

The last few weeks of television, after the Olympics, have been so bad. They've been so bad that I've had to come face to face with my television addiction. I'm watching bad reruns of House. I am considering taking on a CSI franchise. I'm even watching Prison Break. However, last night...light at the end of the tunnel. Entourage - which I love, I mean really love. Jeremy Piven, so incredible, so totally captivating and entertaining. And frankly, it's a show about hedonism and watching those boys stress about weed and scripts and parties makes me forget just for a few minutes that I'm a Mommy. And with the added benefit of a Mark Whalberg cameo -- what a hunk.

And then, after Entourage -- True Blood. Anyone watch this? What a freaking opener! The show opens with the Anna Paquin character getting viciously, viciously attacked and then saved by some paranormal force. At the same time her brother is being questioned for the murder of a local woman and is forced to watch the video tape he and the woman made of them having sex. But, not average sex, which would be interesting. No, he's chocking her to death while having sex with her. Which is really nuts.

This is the first five minutes. Then there are a bunch of you know Bob conversations, but there are enough character reveals and twists - the gay gangster? to make me come back for more. But again, I'm easy.

It's not nearly as elegant as Dexter or subtle as Mad Men, in fact it's about as elegant and subtle as a jackhammer -- but I'm in. For the time being anyway.


Sinead M said...

Been watching True Blood for the same reason you have been, nothing else on..
And I sort of realized last night what my biggest issue with it it. The conversations with all the supporting cast are great, I get them, they feel natural, but Anna Paquin looks like she's acting, and stomping and flirting and pouting and none of it seems natural.
And the stuff between her and the vamp, while having a nice chemistry, the conversations don't feel connected,
but the rest, is OK...

So I'm watching, but if it doesn't improve, probably not for much longer..

Because something else has to come on soon, right...

Oh, Fringe came on.. and it was only OK...

Amy Ruttan said...

TV, I haven't watched real Tv in a while.

I've been burning the midnight oil to get a deadlien done and I've been so disenchanted with TV the last year or so that if it weren't for Treehouse and Disney for my kidlets I was thinking of gettig rid of cable *gasp*

Leah Braemel said...

Have you caught the Canadian made Flashpoint that CBS is carrying? I like that one.

As for True Blood. Um, well, for the first show I turned to my DH and said "What's the plot to this? Who are these people and why do I give a fig about them?" Gratuitous sex, characters just thrown at you with no explanation of who they are or how they relate to others, a really sleazy 'hero' vampire. Ugh. Despite that, I watched the second one. Slightly better, but still ... I'm not a fan. I WANT to be, but no.

Maureen McGowan said...

I saw True Blood last night. Was that the first episode? I agree that it was interesting enough to keep me wanting to see more episodes (and jealous that I didn't come up with the overall concept.)

And did Entourage start already??? Darn. Hope it's on demand. Piven is in RockNRolla, probably the most "fun" movie I saw at the festival this year.

As for Fringe... I was really disappointed, although it did get more interesting near the end. But the ridiculous accent/manner of speaking of the older character made me crazy and some of the plot/dialogue just seemed silly.

I agree with Leah on Flashpoint. Really enjoying that show. Originally tuned in just because it was set in Toronto, but have held with it. It's a show about a SWAT team but created by women and you can tell it was created by women. Great characters, realistic situations, none of the shoot-first mentality you expect from a SWAT team and no cliched evil bad guys. Just people caught in bad situations making bad choices and a great group of cop characters coming in to pick up the pieces as best as they can while dealing with their own baggage. And Hugh Dillon. What an intense actor. He's a former punk band lead singer from the 80's.

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