Friday, September 05, 2008

Beginnings vs. Endings

Busy week for the drunk writers. Molly is (hopefully) going to give birth any day now and Maureen (I’m a lot jealous) is at the film festival.

Me, I’ve been reading some good and not so good romance novels. I’m about to re-read JR Ward, because I need a fix.

The book I just finished; the beginning was amazing. Really gripping, intense, both the romance plot and the suspense plot. At half way through it fell off the rails. Lost focus on the suspense, which had been driving the romance and the whole book.

This was a first book for this author and I know she’s gone one to write better books. A great beginning and some interesting writing sold this book, I think. I usually pick up a book based on the first few pages, but I buy that author again based on the ending.

Because endings are hard. You can sort of luck into a great first three chapters, but keeping that momentum going, all the balls in the air, answering the questions raised while still keeping your reader completely enthralled.
Total magic and complete skill.

I’ve leaned in the past year to give my endings more thought than the beginning. And hope somehow I keep the book on the rails all the way through.

On another note, so excited about the new Tv season. I am really hopeful that something new in there will really excite, give me a reason to turn on the TV, because I’m dangerously close to watching another season of Next Top Model.


Amy Ruttan said...


Great post on Endings. You know I've never really thought about it before, but as I think about it I realize that, yeah, there are a lot of books where the endings let me down.

Thanks for the brain wake up this morning Sinead.

Sinead M said...

Amy, I feel like I need a brain wake up.
I'm knee deep in the current book and thinking of the story and not craft.
The craft, will hopefully, come into the editing..

Susan Anne Mason said...

You are so right, Sinead. I just finished a Harlequin Superromance (I think) by an author I met a few years ago. It was a pretty good book but the ending just fell flat, for me at least.

I want to close the book sighing in happiness at the end. I know it's sometimes tough to pull off, but it's worth the effort. It will keep readers coming back for more!

I'm looking forward to the new TV season too! After the Olympics ended, there was NOTHING on!

Thanks for the post! Happy star gazing, Maureen. Good luck with the baby, Molly!


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