Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mama Mia

My mom is in town to clean my ceiling fans, stuff my freezer full of casseroles and take care of me and the new baby that won't come. And since I only have so many ceiling fans and one can really only make so meatloafs and because the DAMN BABY WON'T COME!!! We've had some free time and so mom took me to see Mama Mia. Yes. The all singing, all dancing Stellan Skarsgard. He sang. He danced. I cringed.

The real stars of this movie -- that yes, is lots of fun. And yes, is the first sign of the apocalypse -- is the set design and Meryl Streep. The set design is so utterly charming, from Meryl Streep's Greek fisherman pants, to the jam jars strung with butterflies, to the vintage tablecloths that nearly had my mother passing out with envy - the set is amazing. And authentic.

And for crying out loud Meryl Streep -- this woman was in Sophie's Choice and when, in Mama Mia she sang the Abba hit - Winner Takes It All to Peirce Brosnan - it was so freaking moving. It was heartbreaking and sad and sweet and beautiful -- and it was ABBA!!! There is nothing that woman can't do and I think so much of it goes back to Sinead's post about committing. She commits. It's just the way it is. However, Peirce Brosnan committed too -- when he sang SOS. He really really threw himself at it -- but sadly, I laughed. I laughed because the whole ludicrous notion of this movie was brought home when 007 sang SOS. And I think it's because while he did throw himself at the role and the song and the concept -- he's no Meryl Streep.

The best part is at the end when the cast comes out in ludicrous ABBA style costumes and sings and dances on a huge light stage and it just lets you know that oscar winners, Mr. Darcy, independent film stars, and 007 - have senses of humor about themselves and their art and deciding to not take everything so seriously.

I can not believe I went to go see this movie. The things you do for your mother.


Amy Ruttan said...

You're still holding on to that thing!! *she says ducking*

Susan Anne Mason said...

Hey Molly,

Just wanted to wish you a speedy delivery. Hope your second time round is as quick as my second (1 hour and 40 minutes) from the time the water broke! Intense but quick.

Oh, and I loved Mama Mia. Almost as good as the stage production!

Sue Mason

Lil Lex said...

I also went to watch Mamma Mia to appease ABBA fans, but for me it was my mother-in-law and my wife.

Uhh, you're pregnant again?

Sinead M said...

My dirty little secret is that I sort of wanted to see it...
but resisted mostly due to a lack of time..

Maureen McGowan said...

I really, really wanted to like this movie, and actually, I did like it. But I didn't love it. and it was the boys.

Loved Meryl Streep. Loved Amanda Seyfried. I think she's a talented young actress we'll see much from the in the future.

Hope the baby comes soon, Molly!!!

Abby said...

Ha, this post cracked me up.

I regularly threaten my hubby that I will take him to this movie if he doesn't behave.

What does my mother in law say to us the other day? How much she loved Mamma Mia! I watched hubby breathe a sigh of relief that she had found someone else to take her. I'm not sure he would have made the sacrifice..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like that baby needs some serious motivation.

Hope it happens really really soon.

Unknown said...

Watch Mamma Mia online free on losmovies now. Forced frivolity. Miscast performers working hard to have fun so you can have fun. The brilliant Meryl Streep gives it a great try. Pierce Brosnan just plain embarrassing. Inexplicably set on a Greek Island. Lots of squealing, shrieking women. Lots.

It was a silly juke box musical on stage, now it's a big, splashy, poorly shot screen juke box musical. If you like ABBA, so-so. If not, an assault on the senses and an insult to whatever intelligence you're left with when you exit the theater. I readily admit that I didn't really want to see this movie and went with some friends who did, but for the love of God. Why does my gender shriek and squeal to convey delight? Ever sit next to a table of women who have had too much to drink and are absolutely determined to have GREAT night out on the town? That's the feeling of this whole project. It just felt so good when it stopped.

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