Friday, September 27, 2013

Parks and Rec

I've been flirting with tv this past week. I haven't watched a lot, but there have been a couple of shows I've sort of watched to get a sense of whether they'll actually work or not.

Agents of SHIELD was ok, it had some Whedon hallmarks, but was a bit messy in execution, and other than that, I've watched a few minutes here and there of some of the new comedies.

Most of which have been painfully unfunny, loud, and bordering on annoying. So as a palate cleanser, last night, I gave into my Amy Poehler fangirling and watched Parks and Rec.

And it's awesome. It always surprises me that it doesn't do better, because it's so good and last night it struck me why. Aside from the great acting, it has such a great balance and so much heart. To balance off Leslie's sheer enthusiasm, there's Ann who rolls her eyes at everything. To balance off Tom's general crazy, there's Ron's gruff masculinity, and last night was such a great staging of all of the factors that go into making this show so great.

It's a show that's gotten better each season and one to need to go back and re-watch. And it hasn't helped my Poehler fangirling, and neither did this. Poehler and Jon Hamm held an Emmy's loser party, where winners could only get in if they paid a fee at the door, and all proceeds went to charity.

Anyone watched a really great new show this season? I've been largely disappointed.


Eileen said...

We had the same reaction to SHIELD as you did. We're going to watch a few episodes and then decide.

There really hasn't been anything new that I'm excited to check out. I'm happy The Good Wife, Scandal, Elementary, Castle, Parks and Rec and Modern Family are back. That pretty much maxes out my TV time anyway.

Maureen McGowan said...

I've adored Parks and Rec from day 1. But that show really took off for me when the Adam Scott and Rob Lowe characters were added. On top of all the craziness on that show, it never fails to crack me up that vegan, healthy-nutty, civic-minded Rob Lowe is Ron Swanson's boss.. The absolute personification of every one of Ron's worst nightmares.

I haven't seen a ton of the new shows yet... Have a few on the DVR.

I was amused watching Shield. Not blown away, but amused. I can see how he's setting up characters and that's what he's good at, so I'm willing to let him build them a bit. But at some point we'll need some plot.

I think the only new comedy I watched was Trophy Wife, which was actually more entertaining than I was expecting. (I'd read some good reviews, which is why I tried.)

Eileen said...

Is Rob Lowe's character not LITERALLY the most hysterical one you've seen? I still laugh when I think about the flu episode.

Anonymous said...

I love Donna - observant, perfect Donna and I have a crush on April and perhaps my husband has a secret crush on Ron Swanson and his dimples.

Unknown said...

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