Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've read that a good way to hold yourself accountable for goals is to make public declarations, and I have considered--countless times--starting a blog or a tumblr just to track my main life goal: losing weight.

But I've never followed through to do it. And I think it's because it's a bit scary to put it all out there and to realize that a) other people will be paying attention, b) I might not meet my goals and be embarrassed, or (and I actually think this is the scariest on some level c) I might actually meet my goals and then not know how to cope with that.

But here I am, saying publicly, that over the next year, (yes, I'm giving myself to the end of next August) I am going to lose 20% of my current body weight. I'm not going to give the number, but just know that while this is a doable goal, it's not an easy one. And anyone who watches The Biggest Loser knows that those guys do that in a month, but I *don't* plan to try to do it quickly.

I've done the rapid weight loss thing before. Several times. I lost nearly 30% of my body weight once. And I've lost track of how many times I've lost at least 12-15% of my body weight. But what I've learned from all this is that a) I am great at losing weight quickly when I put my mind to it, but b) doing it that way NEVER lasts. Yes, I know that's also what (most) doctors and dietitians say, too. But I always think I'm different. ;)

We've talked a lot about how hard it can be to keep writing and believing in a project that hasn't sold. Is it any good? Is it worth my time? What's the point? And let's just say that after my 10th or 12th time gaining back the weight I'd lost, after thinking, "Never again! This time is it!", I've been in a "What's the point" place the past couple of years. The feeling of futility is very similar.

No more. I am going to do this.

I'm not going to state any writing milestones right now. I have a deadline for my revisions for GLORY (The Dust Chronicles #3) and when I *have* to do something, I don't need the extra motivation as much. :)

So, for now, I am just going to have this one goal. I might add more next time. Probably something about what time I get into and out of bed....

Wish me luck!

PS. Happy Birthday to my sister Sue. :) Not that she reads this blog. ;)


Eileen said...

Luck, luck and more luck! I've done the rapid weight loss thing, too, and always been convinced that i'll keep it off. I never do.

Here we go, Maureen. Do you want to Weight Watcher it with Molly and me? Or are you going solo with your plan?

Unknown said...

Hey, it's a great goal and we're behind you. No more nachos, more hummus, same amount of beer and cider

Stephanie Doyle said...

God speed, sister!

Simone St. James said...

There are no easy answers, are there? You can do it, Maureen!!

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