Monday, September 09, 2013

Hopping! Book Covers! Summer is over!

it's finally silent at my house. The kids - they are at school. My to do list is three pages long. I'm not kidding. That was nearly two months of being utterly unproductive on many levels. The 10K I was going to train for - didn't happen. My fun historical side project I'd been hoping to have shined up - didn't happen. The promotion schedule I was going to organize - didn't happen. Basically, when I got ten minutes to do work, I flailed around probably making things worse. But, let's see what happens.

First in exciting news - Random House is re-releasing my Prequel to Crazy Thing Called Love. All I want For Christmas Is You will be released at the beginning of November. And the cover is lovely -

And we're going to be doing a few hops around here

If you follow the hop and post comments on the blogs you are entered to win a new Kindle Fire and there are also a HUGE whack of books up for grabs - the hop begins on the 11th - so stay tuned!

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