Thursday, April 12, 2012


I’ve been thinking that I want to go to more writer conferences. Romantic Times is going on now (wave to Molly!) and one year I definitely want to try that one. I’m always checking the location to see if I can bundle it with work or maybe some other type of trip.

I’ll be going to the National RWA conference this year, that’s a given and one of my favorite events every year, but that’s months away and realize that there is no reason I can’t have that same experience maybe a few times a year.

Things I love about RWA is concentrating on writing for four days, talking about books for four days, (okay drinking for four days – but really I don’t that most every other four days anyway) and connecting with other writers for four days.

While it can be a draining experience I know that for me it’s the best way to meet new people. I’m not great with facebook and twitter, but I have no problem sitting at a bar turning to person next to me and starting up a conversation. You meet the most fascinating people and get to hear their stories. I love that.

So maybe the New Jersey Conference, maybe Savannah just because I’ve always wanted to see Savannah or maybe another type of conference completely. I’ve wanted to do NINC and Karen W who comments on this blog recommends that one. I’ve wanted to do Thrillerfest just because I hear they have workshops where you can shoot guns. I mean really who doesn’t want to drink for a few days and then shoot some guns?

Anybody out there know of great conferences you would recommend for a writer?


Maureen McGowan said...

I was a huge conference slut back when I was agent hunting the first time around.

The NJ one is great. I also enjoyed one that was in Arizona in the spring. Although it's possible that I mostly liked it because it was in Arizona in the spring... (and I got to break out the shorts and sandals way ahead of schedule. :)

Maureen McGowan said...

I've actually been salivating over the Summer SCBWI conference schedule today. It starts 4 days after RWA ends and it's also in LA. I could do both on one flight... But there is the small issue of the extra nights in a hotel, plus the conference fee, of course.

Oh, I wish I were rich!!!

Eileen said...

I've got a soft spot for Emerald City because that's where I met Molly and for Boston's RWA conference because that's where I met Maureen. I've also really enjoyed the Arizona one.

I like the regional ones. They're a little smaller and less intense than Nationals. I've only done RT once. It was a blast, but I don't really understand how to make that one work.

Karen Whiddon said...

I've done RT two or three times. It's fun, but super crazy. Ninc is in NY this year, and I really wish I could go. I've been wanting (SO BADLY) to go to the Maine one - it's a writer's retreat.

Maureen, I too wish I was rich.

That said, next year (fingers crossed), hubby and are are going to do some cross country RV'ing. I'm hoping to hit up some conferences at the same time.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I'm really on the fence about RT. It's becoming more of a writer conference, which is cool, totally cool - but then maybe I should just go to a writer's conference? Because it's really easy to get lost int he shuffle at RT - I did two workshops and a panel and gave away a whole bunch of stuff and had some great meetings/chats in bars and across tables...and, well, that sounds awesome doesn't it? Conferences are great - we should all go to more.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I have a soft spot for Emerald City too. NJ is great so is New England and Moonlight and Magnolias was one of the most hospitable conferences I've ever been too. I looooong to go to the Arizona one...maybe next year.

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