Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Boyfriend Eric is a Vampire

Okay so this week we’re talking about why we’re drawn to vampires. Actually not me. I’m on a beach in Jamaica hopefully not committing sistercide. But I knew in advance what the topic of the week was going to be and instantly I called dibs on Eric the Vampire from True Blood.

Discussing what I find interesting about him is easy. He’s hot. He’s uber hot. He’s hot squared. I love his chest and shoulders. And his chest. Did I mention his chest… especially when it’s naked?

But let’s talk about why as a Vampire he works. I first fell in love with him when we saw him in highlight foils basically ripping apart a human man. The blood splattered on the foils and in that one moment we were treated to the complexity of his character. The light and the dark of him… no pun intended. Throughout that season we saw lots of different layers to him. His bravery, his ruthlessness. And my favorite - his shamelessness. He reminded me of the French character from Cheers. Woody’s girlfriend Julie (??) goes to Paris and comes back with this guy. She claims they were just friends. But every time she left the room he would tell Woody in an exaggerated French accent… “I’m going to steal your girlfriend!”

That’s Eric. No bones about it, he’s going to steal Bill’s girlfriend. How does the Vampire factor in? I think the Vampire is the ultimate bad boy hero because the Vampire lives forever. There is no need for redemption. There is no begging for forgiveness. His lot in life is as old as time and will remain so. He is the ultimate “live for the moment” type of character.

It’s that reality that feeds into the shameless quality. However, a “person’s” character is still always there. We saw that with flashes from Eric’s long ago past. He was a warrior then. He is a sheriff now. We know he has a sense of justice and deep loyalties.

All that combined with … “I’m going to steal your girlfriend.” Makes Eric (for me) the most interesting character on the show and one of my favorite Vampires.

Eileen - this is a shout out to you! Good luck on your release week. Can't wait to read it!


Molly O'Keefe said...

Oh that's interesting - the everlasting life part - hmmmm....

That Eric in foils scene is about the best example of showing not telling that I've ever seen on television.

He's a good boyfriend, Steph.

Eileen said...

You know, Steph, I think you've touched on why I like the vampire myth so much. Although they are now "monsters," somewhere inside them is the vestige of what they were when they were human. They are both us and other. They understand the deep hungers inside us and seduce us into indulging in them.

I hope you're having a fabulous time and have not committed sistercide or sororicide or whatever it might be called.

Maureen McGowan said...

Steph... I'm going to steal your boyfriend.

Alli said...

"They understand the deep hungers inside us and seduce us into indulging in them."

Yes! So very true. Man, I need to watch this show, don't I? Especially this famous foil scene. Why oh why am I always the last to find out about the cool stuff? ;-)

Steph, I hope you get through the week in one piece.

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