Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I like my men like I like my Diet Coke . . .

Cold and in the can, baby!

Okay. Bad joke, but seriously, why do we like vampires? More specifically, why do I find them fascinating? Or, at least, fascinating enough to write a book with them in it?

Here's my true confession. I'm not fascinated by vampires. I'm not enthralled by werewolves. Elves don't make me weak in the knees and goblins do nothing for me. What I love is the idea that all these things might exist in my world. Even more, I'm intrigued by what they would have to do to get along. Now you know why I love the idea of urban fantasy.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted a little magic in my life. Even now as a grown-up, I prefer life with a sprinkling of fairy dust on it. At the same time, I am, at heart, a very conventional kind of girl. While I like reading the occasional full-on fantasy that takes place in a completely imagined world (you rocked my world, George R. R. Martin!), I can't imagine myself IN that world. My world with some twists to it? Now THAT I can totally put myself in. Writing urban fantasy gives me a chance to create a world like that, even if the fairy dust I'm sprinkling is a little dark and gruesome.

What do you do to get a little magic in your life? Leave a comment and automatically be entered to win a copy of DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER.

And just in case you haven't had enough of me today, stop by Mysteries and Margaritas for a little more background on me and the book.


Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, oh, oh... Darn. DWT members aren't eligible to win. Damn that fine print.

I, like you, love the idea that things could exist in our world, right under our noses. I've never been a huge fantasy genre lover (although I do have a few books in that genre I love) but urban fantasy is totally my cup of tea.

Alli said...

Yes, urban fantasy all the way! I love the idea that our world isn't the way people commonly believe. I like the thought of our world existing on different levels and there are always good guys (not human) looking out for us.

And congrats, Eileen - exciting times, I bet!

Molly O'Keefe said...

I too dig the Urban fantasy -- Larissa Ione's take on demon hospitals was so fun!

When you say you like men in the can - are you talking about the bathroom?

Sinead M said...

I love the pacing, the tension that can be created through the fantasy elements, the suspense, it combines the best of a lot of worlds.
I got hooked through the Anita Blake series, and have loved the genre ever since.

LeslieJane said...

Just found this blog, Looks like a fun one.

One way I get my magic is to read the vampire/werewolves/witch/ect romances out there. I can drool over the heroes.

And, not as often, but I do think about the ghost I used to live with when I was a teenager. Sometimes I think he moved with us when we moved back to the states. Either that, or our cat has magical abilities. He sure seems to see things I don't.

And occasionally I look for UFO's. Not that there are that many in central VA, but I still think I saw one once. Or was abducted once, lost about a hour of time while driving. It is the only way I explain missing a major turn, and not realizing it for at least half an hour later. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Now, to look for your book next time I am in a bookstore.

Eileen said...

You know your men, don't you, Molly? Feed 'em and leave 'em alone when they're in the can. :-)

Barbara Vey said...

Eileen, sorry, couldn't find any other contact info on you. Just wanted to let you know that your book is featured in my PW blog, Beyond Her Book, today.



Barbara Vey
Senior Contributing Editor
Publishers Weekly

Eileen said...


You use any means you can to let me know news like that! Throw rocks at my head. Whatever. Thank you so so much!


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