Friday, February 08, 2013

Learning about romance through The Bachelor

Reading Steph's post yesterday got me thinking about The Bachelor, and how often it repeats the same things over and over in each season.

I've watched more seasons than I'm proud to admit, but not all of them, and truthfully, this year, I'm trying not to get sucked in, but it is really hard. There are elements that I enjoy about the series, but the constant repetition, the bitching and the crying are not those things.

I do like watching how people act in what is a very unreal environment. Take 25 lovely women, who in real life, would probably be the prettiest girl amongst their crowd of friends, and put them in a room where all the girls are gorgeous and they have to fight for the attention of one man.

Genius, right! That Burnett guy is really smart. The one thing I have noticed is that in almost every season where it's the guy doing the choosing, the girl he is attracted to the most that first night goes really, really far. A classic case of the little bachelor doing a lot of the thinking for him.

He likes the way she looks, and speaks and walks and determines his impression of her and it's done. It takes a lot for him not to choose that girl in the end, no matter how many other girls try to tell him she's a horrible person. See, this current season, Ben's season, Jake's season and more.

And the girl who gets that attention, loves, loves, loves that she beat out all those other women. Because really, it's about the competition and not finding love. There isn't an internet dating site out there that has a worse track record of creating lasting relationships than the Bachelor, and I'm counting Ashley Madison in there.

Genius again, and it's why I like the Bachelor better than the Bachelorette, because in general women form a first impression that can be altered, by the guy's behaviour.

So the Bachelor shows us a lot about human nature, nothing about romance, no matter how many roses, jewellery and scenic views they throw into the mix. But it is facinating to watch.

Drat! I think I just talked myself into watching again.


Eileen said...

HAHA! You may have just summed up what gives me the heebie jeebies about the whole thing!

Stephanie Doyle said...

It is funny too... that when it's the Bachelorette - those are the only relationships besides 1 (and that's with Jason who actually picked the wrong girl first) who have worked out the longest.

Two marriages. Two long term relationships - one that was off and is now back on again.

Does it mean women are better at doing this on TV - no. I just think their objectives are different. Yes, she wants a hot guy - but it doesn't stop there. He's got to fit a bigger list than just being good looking.

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