Monday, February 04, 2013

Crazy Thing Called Love World Tour!! Or making my mom feel bad...

Ha. Not really. But let me tell you a little story... so, every Thanksgiving when my family and I move in with my parents for about a week, my mom says ABOUT A MILLION TIMES "it would be so great if you could come down just you. And we could shopping and see movies..." I totally understand, and this sounds kind of dreamy to me too. Visiting my hometown, catching up with old friends, sleeping in in the bed I discovered sleeping in, in. HA! So, I decided I would come down near the release of Crazy Thing Called Love - I'd do some signings, some other fun promo stuff and let my mom buy me a pedicure. I organized some events, told my mom the dates A MILLION TIMES and was ready to go.

Last month we were talking about this trip and mom asked me what the dates were again. This has happened about a million times, so I told her and then there was a deadly silence and then mom moaned. Come to find out, Mom and Dad planned to go to Florida that week. Yes. That week. Mom got the dates confused. And then couldn't get her money back on the deposit. And so, I am heading down to see my parents for about twelve hours. And then it's just me. And a rental car. And man, I'm getting the deluxe pedicure. DELUXE!

But I'm also doing some fun promo events. So, if you are in the area - come see me!!

Tuesday February 5 - Lady Jane Salon - Naperville 7pm
I’ll be reading from CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE. There will be fantastic giveaways, books on sale and my parents will be there!
Reading Salon Location:
Le Chocolat du Bouchard
2nd Floor (aka The Loft)
129 South Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540

Friday February 8 - The Cypress House 4pm - 6pm
The Cypress House is a fantastic shop in Northern Illinois with beautiful and unique gifts and for the event, Kurn’s Chocolate will be having a tasting of some of their best-selling chocolates.
718 Tenth Avenue
Rochelle, IL 61068

Saturday February 9 - The Books Connection 2pm - 4pm
19043 Middlebelt Road
Livonia, MI 48152

Wednesday, February 13 - Windy City RWA Meeting 7-9pm
The Naperville Chamber of Commerce Meeting room, downtown Naperville


Maureen McGowan said...

Have a fabulous time, Molly! And just think, now you have ammo to hold over your mom for decades. ;)

Seriously, though, she must feel terrible.

MOM Fader said...

Seriously, I do feel miserable Maureen!!! I am springing for the pedicure on Wed!! I will be up to see all of you over Mother's Day!!
Congratulations on the success of your books, Maureen!!

Eileen said...

Oooh. Harsh. That's something my kids do to me (I'm looking at you, Teddy Rendahl), not the other way around. Yet.

Chicago is fabulous, though. Have a great time. I hope you have time for a beer at the Berghoff or maybe some Caramel Cashew Popcorn from Garrett's.

And may I say to Molly's Mom, great job! You've raised an amazing daughter!

Maureen McGowan said...

Thanks Mom Fader. :) And can't wait to see you at Mother's Day. :)

Molly O'Keefe said...

MOM!!! I'm holding you to that deluxe pedicure and don't feel bad, I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this story...

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