Friday, October 25, 2013

Milestone check in Day 5

Everyone did so well on their milestones, I'm part of the way towards mine.

The big one for me is writing more words, and editing at the same time, and I can do one, or the other, but haven't figured out a way yet to do both. So far, the 5000 words, I've been able to manage, the editing not at all.
So I'm going to work on that.

I've been eating pretty well, and the exercise has been pretty good, but I've moved from working out more with weights to Insanity which is a lot of jumping and it's taken a toll, my joints ache a little, and if it gets worse, I may have to stop, but as far as exercise goes, a lot gets accomplished when you're jumping up and down for a solid 40 to 50 minutes, and part of me is a little proud that I can manage to complete most of the workouts, so I'm reluctant to stop.

As for my hectic life, it's no less hectic, but I am watching less TV and reading more diversely. I also started the second book in the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson and it is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Milestone Check In... More and Less...

So here was my list and my updates:

Drink less wine. I don’t want to stop altogether (I like it too much) but I’m cutting back.

I’ve been drinking less. Yeah! I still drink more than I should. I haven’t been as good as going Sunday through Thursday without drinking. It’s more like one night on, one night off. But given where I was before – for me to not be drinking 3 nights out of the week is progress. Sleepy Time tea is my new friend.  

Go to bed no later than 11:00 during the week. There is no reason on work nights to be up later than this.

Not coincidentally my success with this has been on the nights when I’m not drinking. So no wine, sleepy time tea and I’m ready for bed by 11:00. Staying up drinking wine… I must watch Jon Stewart and snort and giggle to everything he says.
Get up a little earlier in the morning. (see above) The key to getting up earlier is to fit in a few more tasks.

Total FAIL. Turns out it doesn’t matter if I drink wine or tea before going to bed, I still hate getting up in the morning. Especially in the fall when it’s darker, and the window is open and there is that crisp chill in the morning that makes you want to linger in bed. I simply am not a morning person.
Run 20 minutes a day a few times a week. Again – nothing crazy here. Baby steps. Easy things I know I can accomplish that are going to help get me in better shape.

This is mostly a fail. I have been getting in some long walks. I like to listen to the DBSA podcasts and again it’s been such a beautiful fall it seems wrong to be inside on a treadmill. But I haven’t been as consistent as I need to be.

Cook more.  I’m the opposite of most people. As a single person I cook on Saturdays and Sunday’s when I have time, but tend to eat out during the week. This leads to the wine and extra calories – so if I can find the energy to cook 1 more night a week at home this will help.

Success! I’ve been really good about making something on Sunday that gets me at least 2 meals out of the week. Not super healthy, not super bad. A lot of crock pot recipes! And I will say by the time I get to that third… sometimes fourth meal… it’s a little boring. But I’ve limited eating out to 2-3 times a week instead of 4-5 times a week.

So some success and some failure. I still need to drink less. I still need to exercise more. But here is what I’ve learned. If I don’t want to be a morning person – I have to find a way to get in exercise and writing after work. Usually I’m so mentally drained at the end of a day the thought of this is too onerous. But I can’t have it both ways. If I can’t make my mornings more productive – I have to make that 6-8 hour time slot in the evening more productive.

I’ll let you know how I make out next month. Anyone else following us out there? Want to let us know how you are doing?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Survival Quiz!


My milestone progress has been okay, but not great. I have made some positive changes and will report more next month. I promise.

But for now! I have something way more fun! A survival quiz from Wylie Snow, author of JUMP ZONE: CLEO FALLS.

Wylie is a good friend of the blog. Check out her book! You won't be sorry. (And isn't it the most gorgeous cover ever???)

Now, the quiz!!

In the book Jump Zone: Cleo Falls, the inhabitants of the Taiga forests struggle to survive daily life in the northern wilds.
Take this simple quiz to find out if you’re Taiga material…

Question 1
How many days can you survive without water:
A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. 7

Question 2
You’re lost in a northern forest and want to travel due south. Which indicator do you look to for help:
A. moss
B. sun
C. anthills
D. all of the above

Question 3
You should avoid sleeping on the ground for what reason:
A. ouch - you’ll wake up with stiff aching joints
B. the cold hard ground will zap your body heat
C. avoid snake bites
D. forest dirt leaves harsh un-washable stains

Question 4
Your weak from hunger and the insects are looking awfully yummy. Which should you avoid:
A. slimy ones
B. flying ones
C. brighty colored ones
D. ugly ones

Question 5
Thunder, lightning! How do you estimate the distance of a storm:
A. Count the seconds between the lightening strikes and thunderclaps and divide that number by five to equal the distance in miles.
B. When you feel the first raindrop, start counting the seconds until you hear a rumble of thunder, which equals the number of miles away.
C. Count the number of lightning strikes in one minute to equal the distance in miles.
D. Who cares! Get yourself under the biggest tree you can find and prepare to get wet.

Question 6
Oh no, you’re lost! But you know to implement the S.T.O.P. plan. Gosh… what do those letters stand for again?
A. Sing Things Or Pray – when in doubt, hum a hymn
B. Stretch Twirl Oscillate Pivot – keep moving, turn this adventure into an exercise plan
C. Stop Think Observe Plan – don’t do anything rash, think this situation through
D. Solo Time Operating Plan – you’re alone and it’s time to do all those crazy things you saved for when nobody was watching… yeehaw!

Question 7
You’re still lost, and night is falling. It’s time to build a shelter. Choose your spot:
A. An open, highly visible area – the search party needs to find you.
B. The edge of volcano - best place to keep warm!
C. At the bottom of a dry creek bed – no hair-curling dampness to worry about.
D. Close to a water source – you might get thirsty in the night.

Question 8
You’re stranded in a forest with only one item from your handbag. What would be the most useful thing? Choose just one:
A. Hairbrush
B. Nail file
C. Lipstick
D. Tampon


To see the answers, select the text with your mouse.

1 - B
The average person needs about 2 quarts of water per day to maintain good health. Going without water for 3 days spells death!

2 - D
All of the above! Though moss will grow on the north side of trees, it will be lusher and greener on the south side. Ants frequently build their nests on the south or southeast side of trees to take advantage of the warmth, and if you walk toward the sun precisely at noon, you’ll be headed due south.

3 - B
You’ll preserve your body heat by piling up a bed of grass, leaves or bows and getting yourself a few inches off the ground.

4 - C
Stop with the ick-face. Insects can be a great source of protein (pound for pound, as much as 3 times as much as beef!), but it’s a good idea to stay away from the bright ones, which could potentially signal poison or toxin. Leave the hairy ones and the smelly ones alone, too.

5 - A
As soon as you hear thunder, start counting – one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, etc… until you see a strike of lightning. Divide by five and that’s roughly how many miles out the storm is. And for heaven’s sake, don’t stand under a tall tree!

6 - C
Stop moving, sit down and relax,
Think about your situation, how you got into it, how might you get out of it,
Observe your surroundings, your supplies and/or tools,
Plan your next move.

7 – A & D
Hopefully, somebody knows you’re missing (you DID tell someone about that wilderness hike, right?) so you should find or build shelter in a spot where the search and rescue team can find you. Though building too close to water can be hazardous (insects, animals coming to drink), it’s a good idea to stay fairly close as you need water to survive.

8 - D
You could probably find uses for all of those items, but surprisingly, a tampon is your best bet. The ‘Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity’ (see what we did there?), is a handy-dandy multi-purpose tool, summed up best by the good folks at The Art of Manliness (click the link, if only for the pictures of a man with a tampon in his mouth!):

Your score:
7-8 correct –Welcome to the Gloria Gaynor club – you will survive!
4-6 correct –brush up on your outdoor skills before you leave the beaten path.
1-3 correct – ‘Glamping’ might be more your style.
0 – don’t ever stray from civilization


Let us know how you did in the comments. Wylie will give away a copy of JUMP ZONE: CLEO FALLS to two lucky commenters!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Okay. Checkin' in on those Milestones. Here were mine:

1) Recommit to Weight Watchers with Molly even though I have never uttered the phrase "I immediately lost 10 pounds" except possibly after having given birth. This means, no more taking spoonfuls of peanut butter, shoving them into the chocolate chip bag and eating the result washed down with milk. I am hoping to make it to the end of the month without doing that even once. I am hoping not to lie to you about it if I do.

I was kind of in denial over how much weight I'd gained. It's probably good that I had to face up to it even though it was depressing. After a few days, it became clear that I really wasn't eating enough fruits and vegetables. I'm doing a little better. I lost 3 pounds which isn't much, but it's a start.

I only did the peanut butter into the bag of chocolate chips thing twice. Once when my editor told me that my Messenger series was over and once the night after my mother's emergency pacemaker surgery. I think i get buys on both of those.

2) Get at least 1 of the chick lit books I'm rereleasing in November formatted for both Kindle and Nook.


3) Have my 20 page submission ready to submit for workshopping for the December residency of my MFA program (does it count as a Milestone if I HAVE to have it done by October 1?).


4) Play less Spider Solitaire. Seriously, I have a problem. It's absurd. I often reward myself for writing a page by playing a game of Solitaire. I am going to stretch that to two pages with plans to go to 3 pages in October.

I did a little better, but still not good. At least, it would be if I hadn't added in Sudoku.

5) Continue to exercise.

It's taking forever for my knees to heal, but I'm still getting out there. The best was a weekend ride up in Mendocino with a bunch of my girlfriends. Here's a picture of me doing Tree pose under the Redwood trees along Highway 128:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Milestones - let's check in, shall we?

So last month we decided it was time to recommit to some parts of our lives we've totally let slide.

I was going to write 10 - 12,000 words a week, recommit to Weight Watchers and get better sleep. am I doing?

In a word, or three actually - not so good.

I killed it writing. I did. I finished a project, wrote a bunch of blog posts that I'm proud of, brainstormed a new project that I am still noodling around with - it has a start date of Nov. 1. All of that I feel really good about. I do.

Recommit to Weight Watchers - ah....I'm about 50/50 here. I'm doing much better, am I as good as I was last April? Not even close. But I'm doing better. More veggies, no cheese. If I could ditch the drinking I think I'd be better off, but what's a beer-loving girl to do?

Sleep. DAMN YOU SONS OF ANARCHY AND NETFLIX!!!! Damn you! It's just so easy to say - one more episode. Just one. And before I know it it's midnight and my plans are totally pooched. Worse, I inevitably fall asleep while putting my daughter to bed, which makes me WIDE AWAKE at midnight. Gah. Just...gah!

One thing I feel really great about is a purge I'm doing of our laundry room - lots of useless junk that we've been saving for no reason getting out of the house. That's a great feeling.

So, friends? How are your Milestones coming?

Sunday, October 13, 2013



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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Neurotic is the New Black...

So For the First Time has been out now for just over a week. It’s seems to be right in there rank wise with all the other Supers so that’s good. But no Amazon reviews yet and only a handful of Goodread reviews from people not Molly O’Keefe. Who is super supportive by the way – I don’t know what I would do without her.

And once again as an author you take that trip to neurotic land. Yes, I’m really happy that the few people who have read it seemed to really like it. I’m grateful Eileen hand sold a copy to a nurse by reading it out loud. Thanks Eileen! I was thrilled to actually have people request some giveaways so that’s awesome too.

Why can’t I just be happy with that? Why do I care that internet bloggers haven’t read or reviewed it? Why am I stressing that some of the other books in my month already have Amazon reviews and I don’t.

Because I’m a writer silly! It’s never good. When you have a ton of reviews there are some bad mixed in there and that makes you sad. When you have no reviews you think nobody is reading your book and that makes you sad.

I’m trying to imagine book release Nirvana. I don’t think it exists.

Sure you want to be the top ranked book. Yes, you want tons of glorious reviews… you know without having to buy them. But I wonder would that make us satisfied? Would we just sit back, put our feet up and think, yep, I’ve done it.

Or would that just come with its own set of problems? Would we stress about trying to get more reviews? Would we fear that our next book won’t be as good and we’ll worry about disappointing our reader?

Probably. So the moral of this story… writers are nuts and we’re never happy. And that’s a good thing. Because what you realize when you’ve been in this business long enough -  it’s the neurosis that keeps us going.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What Dexter got wrong and Breaking Bad got right

I'm in the middle of my revisions on GLORY, the last book in my Dust Chronicles series. And it's stressful worrying about how to tie up all the loose ends and answer all the questions I planned to answer and not disappoint fans of the series...

But two big TV shows recently came to a close, and for me, one did it really well and one really badly.

I'll try not to get too spoilerish, but if you haven't yet seen and plan to watch the final episodes of Dexter or Breaking Bad... be warned. There may be spoilers on the horizon...

First, Dexter

I loved this show the first season. And mostly loved it the second. I also remember really liking the Julia Stiles season, and the John Lithgow stuff was interesting, but at some point the show got a bit annoying. I keep thinking I didn't watch a chunk of one season, (maybe the Colin Hanks one?) but then I realize, no, I saw it all.

I know a lot of people gave up on Dexter, but I kept watching. And I watched the entire final season. I even, for the most part, liked the final season.

Yes, I've heard some really valid criticisms about their adding the Dr. Vogel character, but I thought it added something interesting. And making her son the big bad, I thought mirrored nicely the stuff with Dexter's brother from the first season.

So, I was pretty happy with the final season right up to the last episode. Then WTF?

I don't think any of the resolutions rang true either logically or emotionally for me. Did anyone want to see Debra dead? Not me. And the way it happened didn't make sense either. It wasn't heartbreaking as much as frustrating. She has a stroke??? It felt like a cop out.

But then Dexter takes Debra's body out on his boat, in a hurricane... A super odd choice. Why not leave her body at the hospital???  Why is it better for her body to be with all of his horrible victims??? But I thought, okay... he's so upset about causing Debra's death that he's going to commit suicide.

But no. We're supposed to believe he somehow survives the storm. Even though his boat smashes to bits. Yes. Dexter survives a freaking hurricane. Without a boat. A mile off the coast. Made no sense.

And making even less sense, I didn't believe that once he did live, that he wouldn't go join Hannah and Harrison in Argentina. I HATED that the kid ended up with Hannah. I think I would have been okay if the three of them ended up together... Dexter and Hannah kind of keep each other in balance in an odd way. And Dexter would never let Harrison get hurt. But even if Dexter loves Hannah. Even if she proved she's good at taking care of his son, I do not buy -- for a second -- that he would leave his son with her forever and disappear! Even if he trusts her not to put Harrison directly in harms way (big if), she's a fugitive!  Why would she leave her son with him? Why not Aster and Cody's grandparents? Why not Angel and/or his sister? There were other WAY better and safer choices for Dexter to make for Harrison.

Plus, even if I could believe he made these choices and survived that storm... I didn't find the writers' choices emotionally satisfying. Okay, Dexter's a serial killer. But he's who we've been cheering for this whole series. And in this final season in particular, the writers went a long way toward redeeming him... And yet, after all that, after making me want Dexter to end up okay, he loses his sister, and his kid, and his love? Yuck. And Hannah, still clearly a killer, has custody of a sweet little boy. Double yuck. Clearly the writers believed that Dexter needed an unhappy ending.

On the other hand... Breaking Bad.

I thought the finale was perfection.

It's interesting... Dexter (the series) starts out with a serial killer for a protagonist and makes us empathize with him and justify what he's doing. They made me want Dexter (the character) to have a happy ending. Yet somehow the writers thought that they had to punish Dexter at the end and give him an unhappy ending...

Whereas, with Breaking Bad, we started out with a really sympathetic character, who gets worse and worse and worse -- and in the end gets his comeuppance, but only after taking down the even worse dudes. Perfect. And the people who deserve to live, get to. (Okay, some of them. But letting Jesse and Skyler and Walt's kids live was the right choice.) I'd even argue that the writers gave Walt a happy ending. I mean, he has terminal cancer. Saving Jesse's life and then dying in that lab was about as close to a happy ending as he could get.

Amazing how one series got it so right, and the other so wrong....

Agree? Disagree? Any other endings that got it really right or wrong?

Fall TV: Why am I laughing if it's so bad?

We've now watched two episodes of The Crazy Ones. News Flash: Robin Williams is super funny. He makes me laugh pretty much every time he's on screen. I'm also wondering if there will be actually be a third episode to watch because it is so terrible. I mean, really really terrible.

Yet, I'm still laughing. The set up that had the art guy cleaning duck butts? Stoopid. Robin Williams is raising ducklings for a pond. He is, of course, doing it in their gigantic advertising firm. Of course, it also provides a moment for a learning moment. I'm sorry. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Robin Williams and the art guy walking through the firm with the ducklings trailing after them? Adorable. Funny.

I sort of knew it was just going to be a showcase for Robin Williams' zaniness so I don't know why I'm disappointed that it's not something more. I think I thought that having Sarah Michelle Gellar in it meant it would have other substance.

Anybody else watching this? Anybody else watching something that they both hate and laugh at?

Monday, October 07, 2013

The randomness of the promotion engine

I've thought a lot about promotion in the last few years. And I've spent quite a bit of money. I don't know how successful ANYTHING I've done is - but I like that I feel like I'm doing SOMETHING. I think that's what every author is struggling with right now - what do I do so I'm not just screaming into the void? Contests, giveaways, facebook ads, blog tours - it's as consuming as the writing and for some of us even MORE SO. Because it doesn't feel natural and it brings to the surface every insecurity we might have about our work. I also feel like every time something really really works for me - the next time - not so much. Goodreads giveaways and ads worked like gangbusters for my Harlequin Superromances. Then the ads stopped working - no idea why.

But then something comes along that's so random, that's so freaking successful - it simply boggles the mind. Erin Thompson asked if I wanted to be a part of the Give Me Books Extreme Jock Giveaway. I said yes and donated a book and to be honest, forgot about it. A few days later the contest began to run and all the things that publishers want authors to do - started to happen. Facebook likes, twitter followers, engagement with new readers... at an amazing level.

So, not entirely sure what the takeaway is except that as an author, when those requests for donations for a hop or a giveaway come in - say yes. Always say yes.

If you are interested in the giveaway: follow this link

And because I am so grateful to the new likes and followers I am giving away a ton of books for one day only - including WILD CHILD. Check it out

Friday, October 04, 2013

Am I right to trust you with my time?

So I'm a third of the way into Night Film right now and the book is huge, it weighs a ton. I bought it based on some buzz, some positive reviews and because I wanted to read something different and if you read the back cover, this book is definitely different, part murder mystery, part horror novel and part literary.

It started really strong, the writing is great, but as I read it, I'm a little nervous. I'm not completely assured at this point that the book is going to meet my expectations. Will the ending match the awesome beginning? I don't have that sense of calm that you get with some books that the author is utterly in control, she/he knows what you want and they are going to ensure you get it.
(I know how ridiculous that sounds) but think of your favourite authors and how assured their writing is. The first that comes to mind is Sherry Thomas, I rarely have doubts when I read her book, because there is a sense from the first page that she is absolutely in control and this book will deliver on the promise. Or maybe it's my experience with her and that's me talking for the author when I open her books?

My best example is on the many singing shows there are out there. When someone comes out and they're calm and confident and the first note is awesome, you're more likely to follow them through the remaining song, but it also makes it worse if the last third of the song is an off-key mess.

Or have I had too much coffee this morning? I'm really hoping that this book is great, because I really want it to be. I need a new literary obsession.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I Hate This Part...

As everyone who follows the blog knows For the First Time is out now in stores and available on line. With any new release these are the things an author should feel about her book:
1. Over the moon excited. After months of hard work, revisions, edits, and promotion the day is finally here.
2. A sense of accomplishment. See above about the work.
3. Nervous anticipation. Will readers find it/buy it?
4. Nervous agitation. If they find it will they like it? Or hate it. Or really hate it… because that’s how author’s think.
5. Hopeful and eager. If readers find it, and like it, then maybe if you write another book they will like that too, so as an author it’s time to go back to work.
This is how I feel when a book is released:
1. Neurotic. It’s out there now. I can’t change it. Oh my God what have I done?
2. Morose.  I probably didn’t work hard enough. Maybe if I had worked harder it could have been better.
3. Like a loser and/or failure. I didn’t promote enough. Not enough giveaways/tweeting/facebooking/ads. No one will ever find this book. Everyone is going to want everyone else’s book more.
4. Embarrassed. Everyone on line is thinking will I PLEASE stop promoting my freaking book, it’s embarrassing already.
5. Hopeful and eager. Okay maybe if readers do find it, and they do like it, they might like the next one. So I should go back to work.
I know. It’s pathetic. I’m the Eeyore of authors. Someone tweeted me congratulations on my release and I was like… uh… why?

I know this is not how it should be done. I should be celebrating my book. I should be talking it up. I should be developing a street team to champion my work. But here is the thing. It’s. Just. Not. Me.

After so many years in this business I have decided to let my writing and my stories determine my success. I like tweeting so I do it. I think having a facebook and webpage is important so I do that too. I will read my reviews (because I can’t not) and I am happy to guest blog or do giveaways when asked. But being my own cheerleader, not going to happen. And I have to accept it might mean my books don’t do as well as others, but I think I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ready to stop beating myself up for that. If people like my work they'll come back for more. If they like it, they will recommend it to others. If the book is good it will get some decent reviews. Or not. 
I'm just going to let it all happen.  

So in the spirit of Eeyore… let me sell you on this giveaway. I guess, if you want a book, I’ll send you one, though you might not like it. But maybe you will. I don’t know….

No gimics. No tricks. No picking anyone from comments. I’ve got 5 copies of Act of Persuasion and 5 copies of For the First time (A few large print so state your preference.) If you want 1 or both, send me your address and I’ll mail them to you. You can contact me
First come, first serve.  

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

In a World...

In the spirit of last week's discussion about Amy Pohler and Tina Fey's satire bit at the Emmy's, making fun of how women are objectified in the entertainment industry, I thought I'd tell you about a great film I saw last weekend.  (I just looked, and it's certified 91% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes. So I am not alone in loving this movie.)

It's not a "big" film and might be hard to find in theaters (I think it's been out here for 8 weeks...) but if you're not in a big city, you might find it on pay-per-view or Netflix or something.

It's called In a World. And I loved it. It's subtle satire. Funny but serious. Poking fun without going too far or getting too silly... Okay world, the set up--it's silly... but all of the actors/characters take it very seriously, so it doesn't come off as broad satire like the Anchorman movies, for example.

Overall, it's a great, well-written story about discrimination against women in the entertainment industry. (The tiny, and arguably ridiculous, part of the industry the film focuses on, is like a microcosm  of, or metaphor for the entire industry, arguably any industry...)

The movie is set in the world of voice-over artists--particularly those who specialize in narrating movie trailers. These movie-trailer narrators even have a big award show, a la the Oscars or the Emmys called the "Trailees" or something... I do remember that the trophy had a trailer-style camper-van on top. Ha! But no one points this out. You have to notice these little details, and I have a feeling that more funny bits like that would jump out at me on a second viewing.

The protagonist of the film is a struggling voice artist/vocal coach played by Lake Bell, who also wrote and directed the film. She's the daughter of one of the two most famous movie-trailer voice artists of all time. Her dad's main rival just died, and along with him died his signature line: In a world...  Apparently, this dead dude was so good at delivering that line, that no one else dared utter it.

The word goes out that the big new blockbuster quadrilogy soon to hit screens (The Amazon Games*) is going to bring the "in a world" opening line out of retirement with big fanfare, and everyone assumes the heir apparent to the trailer-narrator crown (a ridiculously pompous man) will get the gig. If it's not him, certainly it will be a man. "The industry does not crave a female sound. I'm not being sexist, that's just the truth."

* "it's about these fierce, mutated female Amazonian warriors battling clone prehistoric-cavemen hybrids.
It's all based on the Prussian War."  LOL And and of the Amazon warriors is played by Cameron Diaz in the fake trailer...

The protagonist's father laughs in her face (actually worse than that) when she tells him she has a chance to audition for what will be *the biggest thing* in their industry in decades.

Anyway, In a World is a really smart and funny story about a character who stands up to her dad and finds her voice (metaphorically as well as literally). Plus it's a sweet romance, with another nice marriage romance sub-plot, and some great family dynamics/tension. Also Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) is in it, as well as Rob Corddry, and there are some great little cameos by other famous hollywood actors. (Eva Longoria, playing herself, is not afraid to look foolish...)

There were only about 7 or so people in the theater when I saw it (it had been out for 7 weeks...) but I wasn't the only one laughing.

And not only is it smart and sweet and funny, it makes you reflect on how people can be held back or belittled because of their gender, or their race, or their sexuality, etc. etc.

And it also sends a very important message to women about how much your tone of voice and manner of speaking can affect how you're perceived and whether you're taken seriously. And how some women are their own worst enemies in that regard...

I highly recommend this film.

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