Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes - Girl's Night OUT!

Or maybe I should take a line from Adele and say Mom's night out - because there were a lot of mom's (including Adele, who managed to upset that crappy song from Les Mis in a well-deserved win)taking home some serious hardware last night.

Jodi Foster looked amazing. And about half of her speech was amazing, the other half felt like I was listening in on a conversation already underway and I wasn't entirely sure what was going on. Was she coming out? Was she not coming out because she wanted her privacy? Was her soul-sister ex, there and this was some kind of farewell tour? Has she retired? I haven't loved all of Foster's choices, but she's undoubtedly a brave trailblazer. And her message to her her mom had me in tears.

Man, I want to love Anne Hathaway. I do. I want to hug her and stroke her cap of shiny hair and share a loaf of bread with her in the shade. And for half the night I loved her - that speech to Sally Field about type casting - YES! WOW! Smart and endearing and just plain COOL. Go Anne! And then stepping up to the mic for the Les Mis win to thank her manager? GAH! Forget it Anne, I'm keeping my loaf of bread and hair stroking for someone who will appreciate it - like Lena Dunham.

I have to say that watching Lena Dunham awkwardly walk to the stage in her high heels and fancy dress made me love her all the more. The way her hands shook and her voice cracked and she was just barely keeping her shit together...I loved it. I loved it for the very same reason I love her show - it's real and honest with all of the awkwardness that comes with something so unpolished.

And Tina and Amy - amazing. Were they the best hosts, ever? I don't know. But they were better than Gervais. Tina and Amy managed to be funny and smart and silly. They took shots at themselves, a couple at the audience, but it wasn't that caustic humor that we had for three years from Gervais. And for my money Amy's red dress - my favorite dress of the night. She's got great boobs.

The Golden Globes is losing it's joy for me. I liked it when the drunk winners got up there and said something shocking or sentimental. I liked it when people cried and made me cry. Now, every one is thinking their team. Who cares? I don't. Thank your mom, your grandmother, out your teacher. Talk about art and feeling like an outsider. (like Lena Dunham did. I should say I feel like this is a very realistic girl crush, I've got a chance.)

The Golden Globes needs a little more heart to go with last night's Girl Power. So? What did you think?


Stephanie Doyle said...

I actually loved it. Thought it was the best show in years... but here is the trick - I DRV the first two hours then start watching so I can blow through all the boring parts of speeches.

I agree... there is something with Ann that's a little "affected". I started not to believe her - then she said part about the Flying Nun becoming Norma Rae - and I really liked that.

I 1/2 loved Jodi Foster's speech and I 1/2 thought Mel Gibson had written it for her. How sad did he look?

Lena needs to learn how to walk in high heels - or find these things called... flats. But now that's a GG winner - she'll transform I'm sure.

Tiny and Amy were hands down the best hosts. I could have done with more of them. "That was Hillary Clinton's Husband" My favorite line of the night.

Second favorite... "Taylor Swift stay away from Michael J. Fox's son. You need to work on "me" time."

Stephanie Doyle said...

Oh and Adele!!! I forgot how much I loved Adele. See Ann needs to spend time in Adele's world.

Eat a few hamburgers, have a few drinks. Remember that your talent is God given and stop worrying about all the BS.

It was sort of the difference bewteen Jennifer Lawerence and Ann. Jennifer strikes me as just being cool and very grounded in herself. She knows she's good without being arrogant.

And yes, she did beat Meryl Streep.

Okay I'm done now. I could go on and on...

Maureen McGowan said...

I loved it too. Ann Hathaway is incredibly affected. She has a lot of trouble coming across sincere, that's for sure. But she did pull it off during that song in Les Miz and with the Sally Field thing.

It was girl power night, wasn't it! My other fav line of the night was Jennifer Lawrence thanking Harvey Weinstein for killing whoever he had to kill so that she'd win.

Especially funny if you've ever seen the documentary on Weinstein. Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinsein Project.

That's one seriously scary dude.

Maureen McGowan said...

Seriously scary dude and I just put a typo in his name. ;)

Molly O'Keefe said...

I need to DVR it too. Good trick. Yes - the Taylor swift stay away from MJF's son line was hilarious. Part of the honest and a little cutting but not mean shtick that they had down. Also Amy saying they were going to go home with Jodie Foster. Loved that. Jennifer Lawrence was really poised and grounded - I agree, thanking her brothers saying she'd never have gotten this far if they hadn't been mean to her.
I kind of hope Lena Dunham doesn't transform. I hope she shrugs off the stylists who want her to be like everyone else - I love her the way she is. Hear that Lena!? I love you for you!!

Eileen said...

I only managed to watch about half. Someone wasn't as enthused about it as I was even though I promised that wolverine would be there. I wish I'd thought to DVr it. Loved bill Clinton. Loved what little I saw of Tina and Amy. Loved the scowl on tommy lee jones' face while will Ferrell and Kristen wiig did their thing. Loved j lo's dress.

Anonymous said...

It was entertaining.. there were few absolute wins, so there was some tension, and Amy and Tina killed it. Anne Hathaway and her Taylor Swift aw shucks reaction when she was dead favourite to win did come across as a little fake.
I loved Hugh Jackman and Daniel Day Lewis, gratitude without that "what me?" stuff, and Lena Dunham was awesome and cute, but loved Tina and Amy's reaction to her even more.

Maureen McGowan said...

Yeah, their reaction to Dunham's middle school comment was priceless. But then again, then did offer to call child services for her earlier, so they kind of played the age card first. :) It was all in such good fun. And Daniel Day Lewis was so sweet, saying he does everything to try to impress his wife... And I loved that Ben Affleck won. Especially since he didn't even get an Oscar nomination. He really is a good filmmaker. And while Anne Hathaway's "oh, I forgot to thank" stealing the mic moment was annoying, I thought Jennifer Garner's, "My husband forgot a few people," and then looking to him to remind her of the names was super cute. I really believe in those two. It will break my heart if they ever split.
I read an interview with her recently and she said something like, "you know when you're young and you melt at a photo of a big strong man holding a baby. Well, that's who I married." I'm not quoting her right. It was sweeter than that. And she still sounded so totally in love.

Molly O'Keefe said...

And also....BEN!!!! BEN AFFLECK!!!!

Stephanie Doyle said...

Yeah - I don't know if I really believe in any Hollywood "love" couples. I do think it is just so hard to make it work. Especially when they are young and off making movies. I'll cross my fingers for Jen and Ben.

But on a side note... how would you like to be the ex-fiance in the room while your former fiance professes to everyone how the woman he married is the love of his life.

Ouch J-Lo. Meanwhile P-Diddy is at the table behind her probably thinking that's right Jen... You left me for him, but then he left you for her.

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