Friday, January 04, 2013

Even more resolutions

I'm always conflicted on resolutions. I start them so gung ho in January and by March, I'm back to my old habits.

But I guess putting them in print helps to ensure I actually follow through, so here goes

1) Read more in various genres. I want to read more great books, all great books. I got caught up in a YA warp this past year and need to break from that and find women's fiction, and mysteries and urban fantasy.

2) More focused - I get distracted so easily. A shiny light, a loud noise, and my head is elsewhere and I don't finish my goals for the day. This year, I will be focused and finish the projects I start.

3) Exercise and eat well - It is a new years resolution after all... and I know personally exercising helps me clear stress and helps me focus and makes me feel better at the end of the day.

4) Regain the joy and excitement - I remember at a time, when reading a great book made me so excited to talk about it, and understand what makes it great, and incorporate that into my own work. I got a little jaded this past year and I'd like to reverse that and find the joy again.

That's it.  I'm trying not to create resolutions I won't keep and stuff like drink less, or cut sugar from my diet, are probably not going to happen.

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