Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crazy Thing Called Love... Best for last?

I’m not going to say Crazy Thing Called Love is the best of the Crooked Creek Series, but it’s definitely one of the best three… I know I can’t help it. I love them all so much.
With this series coming to an end we all started to think about other things that have come to an end. Something things that made us happy and some things that made us sad. In honor of Molly who loves lists I’ll go with my top five happy endings and my top my five sad endings.


1.      Series finale of Mash. I was maybe only 10 but even I understood that this was a major thing. As a writer I can appreciate the impact of the war on Hawkeye, why he couldn’t say goodbye and why those rocks were his only way to communicate.

2.      The Epilogue of Harry Potter. I knew she had written it years prior as a way to get her to end of the story. It was completely cheesy but I appreciated having those pages tucked away somewhere for years getting her to the end of this story.

3.      Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins breaking up. In Hollywood nothing is given when it comes to marriage but I thought these guys were real deal forever. I think they were the  beginning of the end for me. So by the time I got to Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito I was immune.

4.      Mockingjay. This was sad for me because I just didn’t love how she ended this series. I felt like Katniss didn’t embrace what she was supposed to be become. Hunger Games will always be one of my favorite books. For me it ends there.

5.      Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series. I loved this series of brothers and sisters and have them all on my keeper shelf. But for some reason I just haven’t been able to move beyond them with other Quinn books. So I will always treasure this series.


1.      My favorite happy ending is always the one I write. If I’m not getting teary eyed as I type the words The End then there is a problem with the book.

2.      West Wing series finale. While I had issues with the show after Aaron Sorkin left and I think it took them way too long to get Josh and Donna together, in the end they did get Josh and Donna together and the show ended with them living together hopefully happily ever after.

3.      The Deathly Hallows. While the epilogue made me sad and nostalgic because I knew it was the end, I was really happy how she ended, but more importantly that she ended it. So many series, books television and movies would be better served with an actual ending. Rather than just going on and on until people eventually give up.

4.      Friends series finale. This show ended exactly when it should have. It was still on top but definitely winding down. With them I really felt as if a major part of my life had ended too. Their ending was all about transitioning to another part of their lives as adults. Which let’s face it, happens all the time.

5.      This one was easy… Crazy Thing Called Love. I loved finally getting to Billy’s story and he did not disappoint. My favorite thing about this series ending, is that I know Molly’s hard at work on the next one. And if the first book in that series is any indication it’s going to be another “wild” ride.

What about your favorite ending? Worst ending?


Molly O'Keefe said...

AHHH! I love this.

The Mash ending - I remember it too. My parents cried. And then, in college I studied a semester abroad and my room mate had to leave before me and she spelled out Bye on the floor of our room in tampons. I cried.

I realize however, I did not see the ending of West this possible? I will have to now watch the whole series just to be sure.

I'm holding off on the Harry Potter books to read with my son - looking forward to it!!

Eileen said...

How about the Newhart Show? That was hysterical. Wait. Maybe you're all too young for that one!

Eileen said...

Oh, wait. On a serious note, I've always loved the ending of Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye and, of course, there's the last few lines of The Great Gatsby.

Maureen McGowan said...

The ending of Mash... What an event. There haven't been many TV events like that and likely won't be again. So sad. And when Hawkeye and Hotlips kissed... And when we realized the true story about the chicken... Wow.

Oh, I was just about to mention Newhart and Eileen beat me to it. I didn't LOVE that second Newhart show, but that ending was PRICELESS! Especially for those of us old enough (cough) to remember the original Bob Newhart Show. So, so, so funny.

Maureen McGowan said...

I'm nearing the end of the book that will be the final in The Dust Chronicles. At least the final for Glory's trilogy... And it's a lot of pressure. I want it to go out with a bang, not a whimper. I want it to be emotionally satisfying without being corny or moralistic or heavy handed...

That return with the elixir thing man. Hard.

MJFredrick said...

I thought they did a good job ending The Last Resort and Fringe. I wish more shows were able to wrap up that way.

I remember MASH, too. LOVED that show.

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