Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer 2012 movies

It's labour day weekend and the summer movie season is officially over. So it's time to review how the season went.

Favourite summer movie - this was surprisingly tough, and ultimately a three way toss up between the Avengers, The Hunger Games and the Dark Knight, but in the end I really loved the darkness and depth of the Dark Knight, even though Avengers was definitely more fun.

Summer movie I wish I'd seen - Moonrise Kingdom, which by all accounts is charming and sweet and I still have time, so it's next on my list.

Biggest disappointment - I still loved it, but Prometheus. Given my love for the Alien movies, I wish the plot in this one had held together more, but that said, the acting and the atmosphere and the tension in the first half, they were all amazing, it just needed a better screenplay.

Biggest Surprise - Battleship - I'd read the terrible, terrible reviews going in, so my expectations were non-existent, and I had a really great time. Sure there were moments of dialogue that were downright awful and the blond love interest had the charisma of a wet blanket, but it was fun, and lighthearted and I left the movie in a great mood.

Movie I'm most looking forward to in the Fall - Les Miserables - seriously, if you haven't seen the trailer, look it up - it gave me goosebumps.

there are movies I missed, and I wish I'd gotten out to see more, but these are the ones that are top of mind. What was your favourite movie? Least favourite.


Eileen said...

I think the only movie I've managed to see in the theaters this summer was Ted. Which was pretty much exactly what you'd expect with Seth McFarlane voicing a horny teddy bear.

How sad is that?

MJFredrick said...
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MJFredrick said...

My favorite was The Avengers, though I also loved Dark Knight. My least favorite was Prometheus, but to be fair, I was kinda dragged to that one. I was surprised by Magic Mike. I liked the story more than the dancing ;)

Maureen McGowan said...

Moonrise Kingdom was awesome. Just sweet and quirky and kind-hearted. Kind of adorable.

I agree with Battleship being a pleasant surprise.

I'm looking forward to Les Miserables too... And Argo. And Looper. And The Master. And probably a dozen or so more.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I HATED Dark Knight - hated it! Let's do a cage match, Sinead - honestly. It was AWFUL to me and I'm such an easy audience member these days.

So easy in fact that I enjoyed TED!!!

I loved Avengers. Battleship was a great surprise. Paranorman was really good. Have you seen that - a scary movie for kids and parts of it were pretty scary. Mick LOVED it.

Magic Mike - so good. Who knew?

I'm excited for Les Mis and Cloud Atlas

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