Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So, I saw my Kirkus Review for Deviants yesterday. And it wasn't terrible. In fact my publisher seems to be very excited about it.

Kirkus has a reputation for some pretty scathing and cruel reviews. Their own slogan is: "The World's Toughest Book Critics Since 1933." So that said, I am pretty pleased.

I'm not supposed to post the review anywhere yet (although, hint, it is actually on my book's page on Amazon).

Is the review glowing? No... but it's not bad and frankly I am just so relieved that they reviewed the book at all and that they didn't completely tear it apart.

And of course, I started looking up tons of other authors' reviews on Kirkus to compare them to mine. That's just human nature, right? Or am I psychotic?

This release business is starting to stress me out... On that topic... Did everyone see Nathan Bransford's very funny sequence of gifs on the publishing process this week?

Check it out.

I have a lot of favorites, but I think the Mr. Spock gif for how most of us feel when we reach page 75 (or 100, or 150) is particularly apropos. And clearly I related to the surprise attack review one too. :)


Kim said...

Maureen, I think that's a great review! Deviants is a great book and will do just fine - you watch!
Kimmy :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great review. You should be proud and excited.

Stephanie Doyle said...

Ditto - words like exciting are to be cherished!

Such a good book. Can't wait for the release.

For now - just sit back and let it ride. You wrote and sold the book. The hard part is over.

Eileen said...

Throbbing! You throb! That is awesome. I've seen Kirkus absolutely scorch people. Plus, the fact that they reviewed it AT ALL is HUGE.

Champagne toasts to you, my sweet!

Maureen McGowan said...

Thanks all. :)

I am super relieved. Now bracing myself for the others...

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