Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banned Books Week!

Hey, kids! Welcome to Banned Books Week! No. They're not celebrating the banning of books, they are trying to raise awareness about censorship, though. I figured I'd lend a hand.

If you check out the list of most challenged books of 2010, you'll notice (if you're a follower of this blog) that there's a book on the list that I detest. Yep. Twilight. I hate that book. I think it has some terrible messages laced through it about female submissiveness and sexuality and what love should be.

Do I want it banned? Absolutely not.

I don't care for Meyer's world view one bit. I think it's a terrible example for young girls. I also think they should totally have a right to read it. In fact, I might just encourage it. If we don't read it, how can we discuss it? If we don't discuss it, how can we show the young women in our lives that romance doesn't mean being physically subdued whenever she disagrees or being isolated from her friends and family by an overly possessive boyfriend or that sexual desire is dangerous.

So, in celebration, go read Twilight. Or And Tango Makes Three. Or The Hunger Games. In fact, just read. We have the right to do that.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about Twilight being a terrible book, but everyone should have the right to read it, that and Crank and Hunger Games. It's crazy....

Kristina Mathews said...

When I taught 5th/6th grade I assigned my students to read A BRIDGE TO TERIBITHIA, it was on the district's recommended list and I read it in college as part of my Children's Lit class. One parent challenged the book. She did not like the relationship between the student and his teacher (she called it dating, but they just went to a museum.) She also thought death was something her child couldn't handle.

I would rather read and discuss uncomfortable situations than have my kids face life unprepared. My kids even watch PG-13 (on occaission R) movies so we can discuss the stuff I don't want them finding out the hard way.

I even think teens should read Carrie as part of the anti-bullying curriculum, but that could never happen.

Maureen McGowan said...

Well said, Eileen. It's sad to me what a high percentage of those books are aimed at teens (most?). And I'll bet the complaints came largely from parents who didn't even bother to read the books.

Having kids read Carrie as part of the anti-bullying curriculum is genius, Kristina. Delivers the message in an entertaining way in a book they'll actually read.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Hey guys! I thought of you the other day Eileen - having not read any of the Twilight books, I picked up the second one at a friend's house here and started it - oh. Oh. No. There's terrible messages in there about not standing up for yourself in important relationships.

I love the Carrie idea!! We need to talk about this stuff and these books give us the jumping off point. I can't wait for Birdge to Tarabithia.

One week to go on this epic adventure - were off to the beach, where I will be reading, because I have not read a single thing on this trip. Not a thing. Steph - your book will be the first thing I finish!!

Wylie Kinson said...

YAY for this post!
My son (11) and I bonded over The Hunger Games trilogy. I didn't think he'd get some of the subtler messages... but he did, he really did! We had some great mature discussions about it.
*proud mom*

Eileen said...

Thanks, guys! I love the idea of Carrie as part of an anti-bullying curriculum, too, and Hunger Games as a way to discuss important issues with your kid.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any person with 1/2 a brain should consider anything in a fiction book (whether it is for a young audience or an adult audience) to be anything we should model in reality. God help us!
If I considered any "Love" or "Romance" to be what I read in a book, I surely would have missed out on what is truly the greatest love and romance I could have ever experienced. The "Romance" and "Love" in fiction books is disappointing, but hilarious to read about! That's why reading it is one of my favorite things.

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