Friday, June 15, 2012

My summer guilty pleasures

Summer is here, and so are my favourite time wasters of the entire year.

1) Bachelor Pad - It's truly awful and the people on the show are terrible human beings, but it's funny and the show, unlike The Bachelor, doesn't try and dress it up as anything but what it really is, a place for pretty people to act really, really badly towards each other. A true time waster, but I'm in for each episode and have been since the first season aired.

2) Battleship - Molly already sang its praises, but it's fun, really fun and if Taylor Kitsch and Vampire Eric aren't enough to get you there, its twice the fun of any Michael Bay movie without the blatant misogyny and prettier people on screen and it's sweet in its own way.

3) True Blood - it's devolved into a guilty pleasure, because the plots don't make a ton of sense any more, but its still really fun to watch and well, Steph, your boyfriend, Vamp Eric, is always really entertaining.

4) Beach reads - I never really count a book as a time waster, but during the summer I want fun, even campy, something chick lit and funny and I'm actively searching after reading a series of tense YA's.

5) Researching my dream vacation - I can't take it yet, but this time of the year I spend a little time on the internet discovering where, if I had the money and time, where I would go. A little apartment in Florence, or a hut on stilts over the water in Bali, a private plunge pool next to the beach in St. Lucia, or discovering amazing pastries in the South of France. Every week a new vacation.

That's it. Those are my time wasters. Anyone else have any good ones I can add to the list?


Stephanie Doyle said...

Awesome list!

Bachelor Pad is my favorite time waster ever!

And Eric has already gotten naked once on True Blood... so that's awesome.

Stephanie Doyle said...
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Maureen McGowan said...

Great list, Sinead! Has Bachelor Pad started? If so, I have not yet succumbed. But I do admit that I've been watching The Bachelorette (even though that woman makes me crazy) and -- wait for it -- The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Proving there are shallow, vapid, self-centered women north of the border too. I seriously think this woman Jody on the show is the most heinous person on the planet. No, her daughter might be worse.

Stephanie Doyle said...

Bachelor Pad starts after Emily finds love...

I actually suprisingly like her.

"I would love to hear you talk... but not until I'm done. I got that line from you." LOVED IT!

Maureen McGowan said...

That *was* good, Steph. I do like how they're at least showing her raise her eyebrows at some of the more asshat comments made by some of the men. But then she keeps those dudes around?
I dunno... Maybe part of the "strategy" on that show is actually to keep guys around you know you hate so that you won't care as much about hurting their feelings later? Or to minimize your confusion?
No... wait, the only real strategy on that show is: Be on TV. Milk your 15 mins as long as possible.
But it can be entertaining. :)

Eileen said...

My list is so sad!
Spider solitaire (I can't even win the 4 suit kind, only the 2 suit kind)
Making plarn
All those USA Network summer shows

I can't even think of anything else. That's how boring I am.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I am saving ALL of the new Sherry Thomas books to be read on my august vacation with my family - I don't think that counts as a guilty pleasure but it will be a pleasure.

I am loving True Blood.

SO You Think You can dance...

Entourage is over and that was a big guilty pleasure - Adam and I have to catch up on Breaking Bad, so we'll do that.

Andrea Teagan said...

These all seem really nice, especially researching the dream vacation. I love doing that too, mine is in Hana, Maui :)


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