Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Survival Quiz!


My milestone progress has been okay, but not great. I have made some positive changes and will report more next month. I promise.

But for now! I have something way more fun! A survival quiz from Wylie Snow, author of JUMP ZONE: CLEO FALLS.

Wylie is a good friend of the blog. Check out her book! You won't be sorry. (And isn't it the most gorgeous cover ever???)

Now, the quiz!!

In the book Jump Zone: Cleo Falls, the inhabitants of the Taiga forests struggle to survive daily life in the northern wilds.
Take this simple quiz to find out if you’re Taiga material…

Question 1
How many days can you survive without water:
A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. 7

Question 2
You’re lost in a northern forest and want to travel due south. Which indicator do you look to for help:
A. moss
B. sun
C. anthills
D. all of the above

Question 3
You should avoid sleeping on the ground for what reason:
A. ouch - you’ll wake up with stiff aching joints
B. the cold hard ground will zap your body heat
C. avoid snake bites
D. forest dirt leaves harsh un-washable stains

Question 4
Your weak from hunger and the insects are looking awfully yummy. Which should you avoid:
A. slimy ones
B. flying ones
C. brighty colored ones
D. ugly ones

Question 5
Thunder, lightning! How do you estimate the distance of a storm:
A. Count the seconds between the lightening strikes and thunderclaps and divide that number by five to equal the distance in miles.
B. When you feel the first raindrop, start counting the seconds until you hear a rumble of thunder, which equals the number of miles away.
C. Count the number of lightning strikes in one minute to equal the distance in miles.
D. Who cares! Get yourself under the biggest tree you can find and prepare to get wet.

Question 6
Oh no, you’re lost! But you know to implement the S.T.O.P. plan. Gosh… what do those letters stand for again?
A. Sing Things Or Pray – when in doubt, hum a hymn
B. Stretch Twirl Oscillate Pivot – keep moving, turn this adventure into an exercise plan
C. Stop Think Observe Plan – don’t do anything rash, think this situation through
D. Solo Time Operating Plan – you’re alone and it’s time to do all those crazy things you saved for when nobody was watching… yeehaw!

Question 7
You’re still lost, and night is falling. It’s time to build a shelter. Choose your spot:
A. An open, highly visible area – the search party needs to find you.
B. The edge of volcano - best place to keep warm!
C. At the bottom of a dry creek bed – no hair-curling dampness to worry about.
D. Close to a water source – you might get thirsty in the night.

Question 8
You’re stranded in a forest with only one item from your handbag. What would be the most useful thing? Choose just one:
A. Hairbrush
B. Nail file
C. Lipstick
D. Tampon


To see the answers, select the text with your mouse.

1 - B
The average person needs about 2 quarts of water per day to maintain good health. Going without water for 3 days spells death!

2 - D
All of the above! Though moss will grow on the north side of trees, it will be lusher and greener on the south side. Ants frequently build their nests on the south or southeast side of trees to take advantage of the warmth, and if you walk toward the sun precisely at noon, you’ll be headed due south.

3 - B
You’ll preserve your body heat by piling up a bed of grass, leaves or bows and getting yourself a few inches off the ground.

4 - C
Stop with the ick-face. Insects can be a great source of protein (pound for pound, as much as 3 times as much as beef!), but it’s a good idea to stay away from the bright ones, which could potentially signal poison or toxin. Leave the hairy ones and the smelly ones alone, too.

5 - A
As soon as you hear thunder, start counting – one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, etc… until you see a strike of lightning. Divide by five and that’s roughly how many miles out the storm is. And for heaven’s sake, don’t stand under a tall tree!

6 - C
Stop moving, sit down and relax,
Think about your situation, how you got into it, how might you get out of it,
Observe your surroundings, your supplies and/or tools,
Plan your next move.

7 – A & D
Hopefully, somebody knows you’re missing (you DID tell someone about that wilderness hike, right?) so you should find or build shelter in a spot where the search and rescue team can find you. Though building too close to water can be hazardous (insects, animals coming to drink), it’s a good idea to stay fairly close as you need water to survive.

8 - D
You could probably find uses for all of those items, but surprisingly, a tampon is your best bet. The ‘Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity’ (see what we did there?), is a handy-dandy multi-purpose tool, summed up best by the good folks at The Art of Manliness (click the link, if only for the pictures of a man with a tampon in his mouth!):

Your score:
7-8 correct –Welcome to the Gloria Gaynor club – you will survive!
4-6 correct –brush up on your outdoor skills before you leave the beaten path.
1-3 correct – ‘Glamping’ might be more your style.
0 – don’t ever stray from civilization


Let us know how you did in the comments. Wylie will give away a copy of JUMP ZONE: CLEO FALLS to two lucky commenters!!


Anonymous said...

I downloaded Jump zone and started it and it is great, so fun to read.

Maureen McGowan said...

Fabulous opening scene, right?

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