Friday, March 04, 2011

Do I need my opinion confirmed?

Still obsessed with this season's American Idol, and it has very little to do with the contestants. I realyl don't care to hear another version of a Mariah Carey song and while there are a couple of guys that seem as if they could be interesting, all the fun for me is in watching the judges.

I love Steven Tyler, he seems so loopy and sincere, and genuinely thrilled to be there. And now J Lo - seriously, cannot stop watching her. I spend a lot of time trying to sort out her makeup techniques and just how gorgeous she is, and how genuine she also seems to be and how invested in this contestants she is. Both she and Tyler seem to really care about how they do.

Which is great, but it has left the heavy lifting of the critiquing to Randy, and well, he's never been very good at that.

What I'm saying is that I miss Simon. I miss his very direct comments about the performances, not his cruel statements, but how he'd get to the point, without any real concern for the contestant's feelings. But he was mostly right, when the rest of the panel got it wrong, which they frequently did.

And sadly, when Simon loved a performance I loved, it made me love it more. As if I needed my opinion justified.

Because right now the judging panel cares too much. And in certain instances they are overpraising some performances.

In previous seasons I used to fast forward through all the critiques except Simon's and now I find I'm fastforwarding through them all. But I'm still watching, as long as J Lo continues to fascinate me.


Maureen McGowan said...

You've summed up how Idol has been for me so far.

Cannot stop looking at J Lo. (Her skin must be fake?) Couldn't believe how oddly sexy Steven Tyler looked in that fuchsia ruffled, um, blouse. And it's clear that they both care. And they both are relatively articulate and actually have something to say. J Lo especially. Or maybe my expectations were low there. (No pun intended. ;)

But seriously? Some of the performances this week? Horrible. Off tune. Not good. And Randy was the only one who seemed to notice and wasn't all that forceful about it. A few of the boys, especially, I couldn't figure out why the heck they were in the top -- until last night. (I didn't see many of the audition shows.) I have to say, those 3 boys who got a second chance last night, I thought were TERRIBLE on Tuesday, but I got why the judges thought they could sing last night.

I would've put the blonde girl in instead of the Diva, but other than that, I agreed with both the top 10 and the wild card picks. (Although I was sad the Bette Midler girl didn't go on. I'll bet she could do something interesting...)

I didn't always agree with Simon and I thought he had a really narrow view of what was commercial. I suspect he would have told Adele or Amy Winehouse they were too old fashioned to be on the radio if he'd come across them in a competition... but at least he usually noticed when people sang off key or garbled the words or couldn't get their breathing right once they started to move around.

Karen Whiddon said...

I so agree - but what's really weird is that Steven and J-Lo DO notice - haven't you seen the camera shots where they cut away to J Lo and she's making a WTF face and then she goes and gushes how wonderful the performance was? Or Steven winces and whispers to J Lo and then compliments the singer?

The Diva chick so should not have gone through. And I agree, the blond one should have. And I didn't get Stefano at all, I liked Jiovanni better. Shrug. That's what opinions are for though.

I do miss Simon. He kept things real and the contestants knew if they impressed him, the public would vote for them.

J-Lo is gorgeous, I agree. Sometimes Steven Tyler is (for me) hard to look at though.

Anyway, it should be a fun season. However, I CANNOT WAIT for Simon's new show The X-Factor in September!

Maureen McGowan said...

Karen, this will date me, but I remember saying, when music videos first started in the late 70's that bands like Arrowsmith would be toast, because their lead singer was so ugly. Proves one should never put stock in my predictions. LOL.
I just like his crazy style now. Tons of plastic surgery and he's still mostly ugly, but the hair and the long feather earrings (or is that extensions?) and the wild shirts. Kind of loving it.

Stephanie Doyle said...

Uggg! I'm having problems at work where I can't connect again. I don't understand why my day job doesn't understand why I have to comment about AI.

I love Steven with the heat of a Supernova. The way he hangs his leg over the arm of the chair... the way he says... "I love your voice... I want to bathe in it."

That said I do miss Simon a little. Sinead you're right. Randy is the "bad" guy - and it's really not his role. J Lo (who I hope I'll look like next year when I'm 41 because obviously something magical happens then) and Steven need to get a little tougher.

Some of the song choices were WRONG. Simon would have layed that out. These guys are trying to step gently...

I don't miss the cruelty. But they need to bring just a little more "real."

Molly O'Keefe said...

Yeah - the little bit I saw, I missed Simon too. Not because of the cruelty, but because there has to be a bar set and that bar has to be pointed to and someone has to say - "this is it. This is what you want."
And the further people get away from that line - somone needs to say - "bad job."

Randy's not good at that. Really.

But, wow, J Lo's eye makeup and her hair is so distracting, it's like she made up of glitter. And Sweet Steven Tyler. I do like him.

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