Monday, February 28, 2011

James Franco: I still love him

That was a bad choice. I can fully admit it. Hathaway tried, she really did. But when part of hosting the Oscars involves cross dressing, you know they're reaching. They're really reaching. And despite being young and cool and at some point wearing a cordorouy tux, Franco was a flop. I thought most of the night was a flop. The opening bit was great, though it just reminded me of how good Alec Baldwin is.

Melissa Leo, (someone please fill me on on these ads she put out, because I'm clueless) even though she dropped the f-bomb, which frankly, I liked. So genuine. So totally real. But, the hamming it up, the shock and awe just didn't ring true - and it set the tone for the night for me.

Sorkin, amazing speech. Tell me why are we cutting him off with the music and letting Christian Bale give out website addresses? Really? Even Colin Firth came off as too practiced. The only moments that seemed genuine were Spartacus, Billy Crystal and Sandra Bullock.

There were some beautiful dresses - I loved Scarlet Johanson. And Michelle Williams' dress was strange, but her look is freaking awesome.

Frankly, I don't know if pandering to a younger demographic looks good on the Oscars. For me part of the Oscars is it's class and glamour. If they're going for the same kids that watch Jersey Shore - they're going to lose me. Though, I did love the f-bomb. What did you guys think?


Stephanie Doyle said...

I don't know what it is about Melissa Leo... I just don't like her. I thought the sighing and the drama was just so 'put on' - I actually fast forwarded so I didn't hear the "F" bomb.

As for Franco and Hathaway... wow. I mean... wow. She tried so hard. He didn't try at all (who thought he was host material????).

I liked Sandra and Billy Crystal too - awesome.

Colin was okay... Natalie was just a list of names. I know these people contribute. I do. I get it. But when we get to your hairdress and make up artist... can't you thank them privately?

Sorkin was cool - but I do get embarrassed for them when the music runs over.

It's such an odd night.

I loved all the women in red. Sandra, Hathoway on the carpet, the girl from Winter's Bone... fabulous.

Karen W said...

I enjoyed this year's show way better than those in the past. It was actually entertaining (ie; not boring!) I laughed a lot.

And even though I haven't seen The King's Speech (and most likely won't, as it's not my type of movie) or The Black Swan (will, soon), It was a lot of fun watching the show.

Re the F bomb - I swear like a sailer, and have an adolescent glee at playing music with the F bomb in it (Pink F-n Perfect and CeeLee F-u) but it felt way out of place at the Oscars. It's be like winning a Rita and letting the F bomb fly in the acceptance speech.

Sinead M said...

I was sort of so so on James F before this, and it's not just that he bombed, it's that he didn't appear as though he cared enough to even try....

Bad! and Melissa Leo has been around forever, doing amazing work in small movies, and now I don't want to see her act either. There was something a little off putting about her.
There were no real surprises and nothing to really get excited about.
Kind of blah

Maureen McGowan said...

Melissa Leo pretending to be surprised was kind of class-less. I mean at that point she HAD to have been expecting to win. I was completely rooting for Amy Adams.

I'm a huge Franco fan, but he was being too cool for school. And he didn't look at Anne once. They had zero chemistry. Negative chemistry. I felt as if he could have turned to her and told her to f-off and leave him alone, he would have. He did not want to be there. At all. Even during the little staged interview with him before the show started it was clear he felt above the whole thing.

I thought she did okay, considering that, but I just heard Jian Gomeshi make a pretty strong argument on Q that actors should not host the Oscars and I think he's right.

Leave it to the comedians who have some sense of timing and spontaneity. And who have already worked up an onstage persona that doesn't need a writer... I laughed at Helen Mirren and Russel Brand. (But I understand French, at least her easy sentences.) I did kind of like Anne's musical number. And the opening. And the auto-tune movies... But other than that. Blah.

No upsets. The movie clip thing fell flat. All in all, disappointing.

Stephanie Doyle said...

I also liked Helen Miran and Russell Brand... I thought they were funny.

And Justin Timberlake - although I had remember who Bangsty was...

Now if you're looking for hip, funny, entertaining...

JT might be your next host.

Maureen McGowan said...

Molly... (I just read your headline again..)

I still love him, too. I actually think he deserved to win for best actor over my (much loved) Firth. But he should NOT have said yes to this. Big mistake.

Jian Gomeshi said this am that asking an actor to host (especially if he's nominated) is like asking him to be the parking valet guy. Exaggerating the point, but he's kind of right.

Missy said...

I was just wondering if anyone else thought James Franco was drunk/ high. He did and aweful job. Anne actually had to save hm a few times when he forgot or fumbles line. He obviously didn't care in the least about his job.

Eileen said...

I only saw the last little bit. I was overruled on the TV because there were apparently important basketball/soccer matches to watch and I didn't feel like hiding in my bedroom alone. Welcome to life in Testosterone Central.

From what little I saw Franco and Hathaway were terrible, but it's not really their fault, is it? I'm with this Gomeshi guy. They're actors. Who are they supposed to be playing up there?

Molly O'Keefe said...

I was pretty convinced he was high during that short interview before hand. But I honestly think that was the chemistry they were going for - Franco was going to be sort of cool and oddly disinterested and Anne Hathaway was going to giggle...very strange choices.

JT would have been better. But a comedian...I loved the Jon Stwert year and the Conan O'Brien year. Conan was hilarious.

Maureen McGowan said...

Steph, good point about Timberlake.

BTW If you want to see a really entertaining (IMHO) documentary, rent Exit Through the Gift Shop. It's about/by Banksy. Very interesting take on what "art" means. I loved it.

The only other nominated doc I saw was Insider Job that won, and I would have voted for Exit....

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