Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey - Happy Valentine's Day for those of you out there who go for this holiday. I do. I really do. That arguement that people make about resenting being told by Hallmark when they have to give or get flowers - those people must give or get flowers a whole lot more than I do. I need someone to tell my husband to pick up a bouquet. Sadly, though, and it's terrible I admit it - I have totally slacked off on giving Adam anything. I used to send him these little care packages with treats and cards and mix CD's. Oh, those were the days. Now...nothing. Poor guy.

So, my Valentine's to you, our Drunk Writer Stalkers, is a couple of free books. Comment anytime this week and I'll pick two winners to get HIS WIFE FOR ONE NIGHT. As a sidenote - I love this book. I'm not sure if I love it because it's based loosely on my rad cousin, or because the writing God's smiled on me and this book just flew from my fingers, or beacuse I managed to get sex in early. Don't know. But other people are loving it too.

So - riddle me this: Do you love Valentine's Day? Or hate it. And bonus points if you can give me some ideas for my husband!!!


Stephanie Doyle said...

Crazy enough because I've never once had a "romantic" Valentines Day... I still like the idea of it.

What's not to like about a day when all calories consumed from chocalate don't actually count. (It's true - I read it in the Valentines Day by-laws and I'm pretty sure it's also noted in Wikipedia.)

As for your husband... let's face it men only really "want" two things.

And food is other one. :)

Chevy Stevens said...

I used to hate Valentine's day when I was heartbroke, or had a crush on someone. If I was in a good place mentally, then I enjoyed being single on Valentine's day. But I would daydream about meeting my "true love" one day. Now that I have, and married him, I LOVE Valentine's!!! I told him last night that it is the best feeling in the world, knowing we will share them for the rest of our lives.

As for your hubby. Mine has a hankering for a personal GPS tracking device. I kind of like the idea of being able to track all his But this morning I made him lunch to take to work. Trust me. That's a big deal in our house.

Maureen McGowan said...

Ha! Chevy is GPS stalking her husband. LOL.

Even when I've been in relationships, I have a marvelous knack for making sure we're messed up right around Valentine's so I haven't had many romantic ones.

Molly O'Keefe said...

GPS tracking is gaining momentum in my head and Stephanie, last night Adam told me what he really wanted was to sleep all by himself in his bed.... so, which one of the two was that?

We've usually got both kids at some point and the night before Lucy had a giant poop while sleeping practically on his head. I laughed so hard I pulled something.

And thanks for checking the by-laws, I've got about a pound of sugar cookies Mick's kindergarten class made...

Eileen said...

I neither love nor hate it. I've had some good ones and some sad ones. This year, Andy got called out of town unexpectedly so I believe I will be going to the gym and then working on tomorrow's blog post. :-)

Sinead M said...

I love His Wife for one night, loved that book. And you seemed to write it over a weekend.. which made me so jealous.

I suck at Valentine's day. Cupids are not my thing.. they're not scary.

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