Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year. New Attitude.

It's over. The holiday season ends (IMO) on my sister's birthday which was January 6. My worst time of the year is over and already I feel my mood lifting. I woke up on Sunday feeling positive and upbeat. I'm ready to start fresh.

I'm not a good resolution maker or a good resolution keeper (still haven't updated my will which was my 2008 resolution, for example). My other sister usually forces me to choose an affirmation to say every morning, but ever since the year she made me look myself in the eye in the mirror every day and say that she was excellent at math, it hasn't really resonated with me.

Still, I want to change my attitude this year. I'm tired of being negative. I'm tired of seeing the glass as half empty. I feel like I spent too much of last year focusing on things I can't control (like the size of my print runs) and ignoring the things I can control and do well (writing nearly every day and completing two books).

I'm going positive this year. I'm remembering that I love storytelling. I'm remembering that I have good relationships with my agent and both my editors. I'm focusing on behaving like a professional and meeting my deadlines and holding myself to high standards.

I'm going to stop feeling like I'm a loser because I haven't made it onto a bestseller list and I'm going to feel good about the achievements I have accomplished.

Oh. And I'm going to lose 20 pounds.

Anyone else going for a new attitude this year?


Stephanie Doyle said...

I probably need a new attitude!

I don't know why - maybe because I feel like I'm at this big cross roads in my writing - that publishing suddenly feels very scary. Like there is no hope for me...

Yep - definitely need a new attitude.

And I also have to lose 20 pounds.

Then when that's done I need to lose another 20 pounds. :(

Eileen said...

That is exactly what my 2010 attitude was like, Steph. Come with me to 2011. Let's dance on the edge of the light fantastic.

Apparently part of my new attitude is also to post on the wrong day. I swear I scheduled this puppy for Tuesday. Sorry!

And about the 20 pounds . . . my doctor says I need to lose 30. So let's split your extra 20 between the two of us, okay?

Molly O'Keefe said...

Eileen - I'm so glad you posted on the wrong day - thank you!! We're still sick around here and the headache that has taken up residence behind my left eye is honestly - honestly - ruining my life.

But! Yes! Positive! Focus on what we can control - do our best to make peace with what we can't - and hold ourselves to our own standard. I love that. I love it more than I can say and will join you in your efforts.

I have been losing the same twenty pounds for....ten years. It's a constant in my life at this point.

Eileen said...

I'm so sorry you're still sick, Molly, but so glad you're not mad at me for not being able to schedule a blog post correctly!

And let's just imagine where we'd be if we didn't keep losing that 20 over and over again. We'd be 200 lbs heavier. Ouch!

Maureen McGowan said...

Great post, Eileen! I've started this year with a better attitude, too, and really hope that it lasts.

I think I feel good because I've got a new manuscript I like and everything seems possible again.

Maureen McGowan said...

And I'm with Steph on the weight thing, except I need three rounds right now. But don't even want to get down about that. :)

Sinead M said...

I need a new attitude for the new year.

It's just being peppy takes energy and all my energy is being used up with working out to losee those freakin' holiday pounds..

Yeah, my attitude is still bad...

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