Monday, December 13, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Drunk Writers Do Christmas

Remember when the Holidays meant relaxing? It meant reading a couple of great books perhaps while someone brought you snacks or drinks? Suddenly, I'm the one bringing snacks and drinks which means there's little time for reading. Bah Humbug.

However, here in the great white north there's been a huge windfall, a veritable blizzard of great books being written by some pretty great Canadian women and guess what? We're giving them away! That's right - free books all week long. Make a comment, win a book, someone might just come by with a snack, or a juice box, all for you! Could we any better elves? No. We couldn't.

Today to kick off our great week of giveaways I've got Tiffany Clare's debut - The Surrender of a Lady. If you haven't heard of this dark and sexy historical romance - then you've been in a cave. Or a candy stupor.

Tomorrow Juliana Stones' His Darkest Hunger. Dark, sexy paranormal. AND Juliana is actually a rock star. So there.

Wednesday, we're giving away the lovely and uber-talented Eve Silver's Sins of The Heart - the first in her soul reapers trilogy. That's right, soul reapers.

Some of you know her as Michelle Maddox, some of you know her as Michelle Rowen, all of you should be reading her incredible paranormal books. We're giving away The Demon In Me on Thursday.

And Finally, Friday We have Ann Lethbridge's Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistess AND a compliation of first chapters from some of the hottest Historical romance authors writing right now.

So - make comment, win some books. Winners will be announced NEXT MONDAY!!


Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm not eligible for these books... but sold on all of them on the descriptions.

They sound amazing!

And who said the holidays were relaxing???

Sinead M said...

I'm not eligible either, but I loved Tiffani's book and Michele(Ann Lethbridge)writes amazing historical romance, and that book is her best to date, so neither are to be missed.

Karen W said...

Holidays = relaxing? Snort. Not in my house.

However, these books sound wonderful. Put my name in the hat.

Maureen McGowan said...

Wow. How come I can't win?

Timothy said...

I thought holiday's were for those with money. Surprisingly we do not have a lot of money however, we always manage to have a great Christmas. I'm thankful for family and wonderful face book which without I would be bored. Happy Holidays and season's greetings.

Marcy said...

Free books...from Canadians...sign me up! All the books sound fabulous!

Raven99 said...

The cover for Tiffany Clare's book is beautiful, and the story sounds interesting. Please count me in for the contest!

Susan Anne Mason said...

Great cover! Sign me up for Tiffany's book drawing!

Great new look by the way.

sbmason at sympatico dot ca

Cristal Ryder said...

What a selection of TRW authors!

Sharon said...

Wow, a rock star. We are so lucky to have such amazing authors at TRW! What great Christmas giveaways. I'd love a new holiday read. Thanks for the opportunity!

Julie said...

So sorry your holidays aren't as relaxing as they used to be, but I love that you're holding a contest to make up for it! :)

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