Friday, September 24, 2010

When everything fails

I have a rule for plane travel. I never watch a movie I really want to see on the tiny screen with the bad sound, so I save the really bad movies for when I have to be in a seat for a few hours.

And so it happened to be that I watched the latest Sex In the City. Seriously, if you haven't seen this, and still feel the need to, (and only if you too are in a constricted space for a few hours) then tune out now, because there will be spoilers.

The story tries to drum up drama from the most ridiculous of sources. I'd heard of these women going to a middle eastern country and being ridiculous and rude, and so I was prepared for that, but that the main romantic strife between Carrie and her husband is that he wants to watch a little TV at the end of a long day and she wants to go out, is one of the worst forms of conflict I've ever seen or read. Seriously, that's the best they could do. And that another character is overwhelmed because she feels the need to look after two kids and bake hundreds of cupcakes all in a tight dress and heels. (my daily outfit when I'm chasing my kids around a park) All this before her full time nanny shows up to relieve her.


It was as if the writer was trying to create conflict, you know, without stressing the characters too much.

The franchise is officially out of ideas.

To get the bad taste out of my mouth, I started to watch The Good Wife, a really solid show, based on one woman overcoming an embarassing situation with grace. I've just seen the first four episodes, but they were solid, and really well acted. And I love how they are showing this woman dealing with her embarassment over her husband cheating and getting caught publicly. She's quiet and soft spoken and really smart and so is the show.


Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, that was the WORST MOVIE EVER!!! And I loved the first one. But I agree the second had zero conflict, zero story. Stupid jokes that were either so corny or so crude or both they made me gag. No real heart like the first movie had. The first one actually made me cry a couple of times. (I am a sucker) and the second one just made me ANGRY!!! (capital letter angry.)

I follow the same strategy for airplane movies. I never pick anything I really want to see because it's too hard to watch it properly.

Eileen said...

My favorite comment on SATC2 was from my friend Antoinette who said it turned into a bad Scooby Doo episode as they ran through the market in their burkas.

I love love love The Good Wife. I can't wait until it starts up again. Hey, wait! Are we talking about them both because of the Chris Noth connection?

P.S. I cried watching the first SATC movie, too. When Samantha spoon feeds Carrie? Chokes me up just to think about it.

Sinead M said...

Eileen, that sums up the movie perfectly.. the scene where they are running around in burkas was ridiculous.. I think scooby did it better. And love the good wife, and Julianna Marguilies, who brings such and intelligence and quiet dignity to her role that it elevates the show.

And only now figured out the Noth connection.. too funny.

Maureen McGowan said...

Love the Scooby Doo reference, although I fear it unfairly insults Scooby Doo. ;)

I cried more than once in the first one... but the one that stuck with me was when Charlotte yells at Big on the street. It was so great to see her character break out of her control to stand up for her friend, and not what I was expecting to happen in that scene.

I just bought The Good Wife first season. Can't wait.

Robin Covington said...

I think the term is "jumping the shark" - right? After Fonzi jumped the tank full of sharks on his motorcycle in an effort to boost ratings.

I would almost watch it for Chris Noth - almost.But maybe I'll just scroll TNT for an old episode of 'Law and Order" to get my fix.

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