Friday, September 10, 2010

Contemporary is my new historical

I'm going through a phase. I'm an impossible to please reader. Which is frustrating for my drunk writer friends, because when we get together to gush about great books, I have at best a lukewarm meh for a lot of the books I've been reading.

The wierd thing is I know intellectually they are good books. The characters are likeable and engaging, there isn't repetition, and there is chemistry, so I should love them, hell, two years ago, I would have been the chief gusher.

Then I picked up a contemporary Molly loaned me. And I'm engaged, interested, reading it more than a couple of pages at a time. Interested in reading more like it.

I'm all historical'd out. There are amazing historicals on the market right now, and I want to enjoy them the way they deserve, but I know I won't. I need to take a sizeable break. Read new stuff, contemporaries, general fiction, more YA, something different and maybe in six months I'll want to read a great historical and I won't feel meh about it.

I would love to read a great chick lit right now. Another Susan Elizabeth Phillips, more dark YA, bring em on.

Does anyone else get genre fatigue?


Molly O'Keefe said...

That's hilarious because I am so so in love with historical right now. I am thinking of it like I'm pregnant and the cravings are for things the baby/book I'm growing needs. So, there is something about this historicals I'm reading that I need for my book - a little world building, a little dramatic tension - not sure, I'm going with it.

Glad you're enjoying the Victoria Dahl book - she's a favorite of mine.

Maureen McGowan said...

I definitely get genre fatigue. I'm reading Mockingjay right now and have no idea what to take off my huge TBR pile after that. Did you ever take on The Passage?

Sinead M said...

I desperately need to hit a bookstore, because I need to get the Passage, a couple of YA's and the new Frantzen..

Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm reading The Girl with Draggon Tattoo. At one of the panels at RWA they said to read "mega" books outside the genre and learn from them. What makes them a hit, etc.

It's interesting. A Bombshell mashup with a mystery. I'm learning a lot from it. Sadly - I'm also learning that there are places I'm just not willing to go in a story. I can see why this author went there - and the impact it has on the character... I think wow that's tough.

I need to find other ways to ramp up the intensity. This book definitely showed me that. I just have to find other ways to do it.

Mockingjay is next up for me.

Maureen McGowan said...

I haven't read Tattoo, but having seen the movie, I know there are some pretty harrowing scenes.

I feel like I should read The Help, but not sure I want to... I gave a copy to my mom for mother's day. Maybe I'll find out if she read it.

Eileen said...

You want fabulous chick lit? In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Lani Diane Rich. Particularly The Fortune Quilt and Little Ray of Sunshine. Funny and smart and so from the heart. Love them. Also Eileen Cook's Unpredictable will make you laugh so hard that you snort.

For paranormal, I've got Alyssa Day's latest on my bedside table. It's going to be my reward for finishing my WIP. Can. Not. Wait. She always manages to have both the kick ass and the emotional there working together. Awesome.

Maureen, I read The Help. I was a teensy bit reluctant because there had been SO much hype about it. It completely lived up to all the buzz. It was a wonderful book. Also (at least for me) very thought-provoking.

Angela M. said...

I haven't hit genre fatigue yet, but I'm sure it's because I read across the board already, everything from sci-fi/fantasy, YA, nonfiction, all kinds of romance subgenres, horror, literary fiction, military. The variety saves me from boredom. I have to say, though, if I read too many similar books in a row that don't put in a fresh twist, I get annoyed (but somewhat encouraged because if they can get published, it means I can too).

Kimber Chin said...

Molly, if you're in the mood for a great historical, I LOVED Loretta Chase's Last Night's Scandal. I laughed my head off through most of it. The dialogue was so clever.

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