Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gay is so hot!

In a battle between Dear Author and Smart Bitches - I go with Dear Author, because they review books. I don't want to watch train wrecks, or authors and readers behaving badly. I don't want to hear anymore depressing industry news - I want to find out what books are worth reading. And Dear Author does a great review - and lately they are doing a LOT of gay romance reviews. Which is really interesting and suprising and I think says something about the romance reading demographic that is plugged into Dear Author, as opposed to the romance reading demographic that sent me hate mail for my novella last year.

At the same time I could not be loving True Blood anymore right now. It is tight. It is conflicted. The acting is fantastic. Unlike last year I'm no longer angry that they give me forty minutes of orgies and human sacrifices that I don't care about only to give me five minutes of something really juicy and conflicted - because it's all juicy. And some of the juiciest stuff - Lafayette. Lafayette and Jesus. Lafayette - probably because Sinead has made a shrine to him in her house - is one of the most outrageous and deeply sympathetic characters on tv right now. He's good and bad - he's trying very hard to keep the scattered ends of his life toghether - his people safe and his eyeliner from smudging. He is absolutely perfect. And now he's falling in love. And those scenes between Lafayette and Jesus are the hottest, most tense, most ROMANTIC scenes on television. Thier dialogue and kiss was way sexier than the Sookie and Bill soft-core porn scene later in the same episode.

In that same episode Stephanie's boyfriend - Eric - took off his shirt and had a gay make-out scene with a hugely different ending. And while I was very aware that Eric was kissing another man like a straight man with an agenda - he had his shirt off and that was hot.

Anyway - I think it's interesting and exciting that there is some gay love hitting the mainstream and that it's GOOD - is great for all of us. What do you think?


tricia said...

I completely agree. I'm going to come back to this post later today because I know your readers will end up providing other great gay couples in the comments. (I love Cameron and Mitchell on Modern Family, too.) I am SO glad they kept Lafayette alive in this series. While I'm conscious that a part of this sounds like tourism/voyeurism because I'm a straight woman, I think I like these pairings mostly because they're interesting relationships between people who are fully fleshed and quite flawed. (I'm sure Jesus has at least one freaky skeleton in his closet. I can't wait to find out what it is.)

Maureen McGowan said...

Great post, Molly. I particularly loved, "He's good and bad - he's trying very hard to keep the scattered ends of his life together - his people safe and his eyeliner from smudging."
That sums up Lafayette so perfectly. (And made me laugh out loud.)

Tricia, I love Cameron and Mitchell, too. Well, I love just about everything about Modern Family, but especially them. I think I used to enjoy Queer as Folk for the voyeurism/tourism aspect you mention... It was the first time I realized how hot it was to watch two hot men making out... But in the end, on the good shows, it's not about gay or straight, it's about he characters and their relationships.

Eileen said...

Oh, Cameron and Mitchell . . . they are terrific, aren't they? But here's what I love about them. It's not so much that they're a gay couple. It's just that they're a couple. They have so many of the same issues and moments than any other couple has. In a lot of ways, in terms of social commentary, I think that's the most wonderful thing about them. They're just two people in love trying to make a life together. In terms of the show, they completely crack me up and I adore them.

I gotta admit, watching and/or reading about two guys making out, doesn't do much for me on the hotness scale. It's not my thang. I am, however, really happy to see more of it. Getting people comfortable with the idea of something has to help that something gain acceptance, right? Says Eileen from California where Prop 8 is being battled out.

P.S. Anybody seen The Kids are All Right yet? I've heard that's a great depiction of a couple that just happens to be same sex.

Maureen McGowan said...

That's what I like most about Mitchell and Cam, too.

And I saw The Kids are All Right.

It was very good. Not the most amazing film I've ever seen, but VERY well acted. And you're right, it's not about a lesbian couple with two kids... It's about a couple (who both happen to be women) who are going through a crisis in their marriage.

To me it was about family and how much a family can endure if they're a strong unit to begin with. Lovely movie.

Now, as far as the two guys making out thing goes... I never thought I'd like it, until I watched Queer as Folk. My theory at the time was that I liked watching hot men who were clearly turned on and it didn't matter who they were turned on with... For me that show was all about the Brian character... The actor, Gale Harold, was on Desperate Housewives for a while.
Haven't tried reading a gay romance. Not sure it'd be as good for me without the visuals. LOL.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I think what made tha Layfayette story line so powerful was that there was non of the tourism/voyeurism - it didn't feel that way to me - while Layfayette is TOTALLY shocking - this plot line wasn't. Unlike the Eric scene which was just trying very hard to be titilating and was to some extent. Look everyone - hot hot man kissing another man - look how shocking.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Oh tricia I can't wait to see what happens with Jesus - part of me is scared though, because no nice thing goes unpunished for those characters....

Sinead M said...

The Lafayette storyline is sweet, tender and so hot, because there is such amazing tension being created between those two men. And it's so opposite of what we've come to expect from this character.
Of everyone on the show right now, it feels as though he has the most to lose, because he's normally so guarded and now he's invested himself, when it goes wrong, and it must, Lafayette is going to be destroyed..

those writers are so smart..

Stephanie Doyle said...

Agree with all of you!! Absolutely love Lafayette this season. And you're right it's not the gay thing... it's the character thing.

The least interesting part of the show this season... Sookie and Bill. I could give a rats butt about that relationship.

After the "kissing" show - my friends at work were like... so it does it bother you knowing your boyfriend is kissing men?

Not in the least. I'm pretty sure I could watch a naked Eric having sex with a refrigerator and I would be into it. He's just that hot.

Best line of the season..."I'm bored. Eric, take off your clothes."

AMEN!!! Sing it Talbot!

Maureen McGowan said...

LOL, Steph. Loved that line, too.

And after watching last night's show, I fear that the Lafayette/Jesus thing is about to blow up in a big way. Will not say more in case everyone hasn't seen it yet.

Stephanie Doyle said...

Second favorite line of the season ... I'm paraphrasing... but

"We're going to eat you after we eat your children... And now for the weather, Tina?"

The king is also becoming such a fabulous nut job.

Maureen McGowan said...

Steph, that was PRICELESS. And now for the weather, Tina?

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