Sunday, August 29, 2010


We're so edgy around here right now. Violence in kid's books. Gay sex on the small screen. Research.

I thought I'd bring it on home with my latest obsession - Eminem's newest song. I drove down to Detroit this weekend and swear to God the moment I crossed the border this was like the State Anthem. They love thier hometown hero down there.

I have always been an Eminem fan. Not huge. No tee shirts or ticket stubs for this white mother of two. But I find his writing to be harrowing and brutal and honest. His point of view isn't one that I always understand or agree with, but it's a point of view that's controversial, commited and genuine. His Slim Shady alter ego is less likeable, but the stuff that Walter Mathers seems to write - I'm pretty crazy about. His new video is from the male point of view in an abusive relationship. From what I understand about his private life - this song is his private life. Ignore the creepy Rhiannon bit, and just focus on how truly pained this guy is.

What do you think?


Karen W said...

Eminem's last album is the first entire one I've purchased. I love Not Afraid and Love the Way You Lie. I write to it sometimes. I agree that his music is violent and brutal and harrowing and it sometimes makes me cry (so much pain). I've bought other Eminem songs before, here and there from previous albums, but this Recovery album seems to be the most open and honest one yet. Kind of like opening his veins to the music.

Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm a fan too... although I say it with a little wince. I bought the one album The Eminem Show and wow... there are moments in there where I can't tell if he's truly evil or desperately trying to save himself.

Either way he can write. And it's those artists who most put themselves out there that I seem to resonate towards.

Remember when Alannis Morisette did "You Oughta Know"... Loved that raw honesty. (Am I dating myself?)

Sinead M said...

Steph, I love that Alannis song... and Eminem, specifically the anger..

It's why grunge rock in the 90's worked so well for me.

Eileen said...

Dating yourself, Steph? Were you even out of high school when that song came out?

That whole album had quite the edge to it.

But back to Eminem. I agree. I've liked some of his songs although I'm far from a connoisseur. There is something about someone honestly processing their emotions through their art that really resounds.

Molly O'Keefe said...

that's it exactly Karen - it's like he's just opened a vein and what's come out is totally fascinating because he's not covering it up, he clearly doesn't understand it totally, he's trying hard but believes he'll fail - I mean, it's not heroic in any kind of way but somehow I'm utterly and totally compassionate to the character in that song.

I want to write a white trash hero - can i do that? Hmmmmmmmm

Cecilia Grant said...

Wow. I never would have guessed that Eminem would be popular among romance authors, but I kinda like him too.

For me it's not so much the emotional content as his sheer facility with words. His rhyme schemes are sophisticated and just plain clever, and I bow down to cleverness pretty much wherever I find it.

P.S. Molly, I finished reading Savannah and Christmas Eve Promise and loved them both! I'll say so at more length on one of your blog-tour stops :)

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