Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm hiding in Stephanie's suitcase

I've been trying to write a blog entry for the last hour and all I can think about are drinks with umbrellas in them, and right now, I'm blaming Stephanie.

It's snowing here, blizzards, and it's cold and I'm getting no where near enough sleep and all I want is to feel a little sun on my skin. And even watching the women's bobsled medal presentation(Canada won gold and silver) isn't helping, even though the medalists are dancing right now.

I've been fantasizing about what books I'd bring, whether my husband would be there, or would it be a drunk writer vacation. There are a few resorts on my radars with actual English pubs, that serve beer adn cider on tap. Seriously, a day in the sun and then an evening at the pub, repeat seven times.

I might even get the slightest hint of a tan...

The fantasy has taken over my life, to the point where I'm thinking of placing my next Victorian romance in St. Lucia.

I need help.


Karen W said...

I so hear you! And it's not even snowing here, just yucky grey skies and rain.

I think I'm ready for spring.

Or Jamaica. Drinks with umbrellas. Surf, sand, and fun times.

Can we come too Stephanie?

Amy Ruttan said...

UGH. I hear you.

So ready for Spring.

So ready for a weekend sans kids. Half my time is spent picking up the bald one becuase he's bound and determined to crawl and walk and stand and screams if he doesn't get his way. *sigh*

Maureen McGowan said...

That was a blizzard. The wind last night!

We were spoiled this winter..

Thinking of my 4 days away is what's getting me through these days... Barely.

You need a vacation, Sinead, big time. Can you guys get away with the girls? But I guess those vacations are never a real vacation for mommy...

Feel for you, Sinead.

(and who are you kidding about that tan. That is one part of your fantasy that won't come true. :)

Stephanie Doyle said...

Sinead, Karen and everyone else... join me!

Okay -that's impossible I know. One, you don't want to deal with my mama. Two, you all have lives.

But I promise you this. If I ever "make" it. If I get that house on the beach that I'm doing all this for... then you're all coming. It will be the official Drunk Writer Talk Beach House.

We will write and read. Talk books and laugh and watch movies... and eat good food and drink good beer and wine.

This is my dream. And everyone is invited.

For now... I'm taking the 2 Rita reads (deadline fast approaching) Hunger Games and The Suspicions of Mr. Witcher which has proven to be a facsinating real life crime book that took place mid V era.

My first Dirty Bannana will be a toast to all of you.

My second Dirty Bannana will most likely be to drown out my mother saying... why are you always working with those book things... why can't you date more.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Whatever a dirty banana is - I want ten of them.

My bags are already packed for your brunk writer beach house!

Sinead with a tan would be very strange.

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