Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Admittedly, I am like a human version of a magpie. Flash something shiny and I'm off to investigate, forgetting completely where I was supposed to be going or what I was supposed to be doing. This is getting out of hand, though.

First, my sister is visiting from Seattle. The woman is a walking party. Just going to the video store with her has me laughing so hard I might need to change my panties.

Second, there's the fact that my beloved minivan, known affectionately as the Big Purse, has finally died. It stopped going into reverse this Wednesday and my children had to, in their words, "Little Miss Sunshine it" out of a driveway. So I had to buy a new car (Toyota Scion in Metallic Stingray - totally adorable, can get my mother in front, both kids in back seat and my mother's wheelchair AND her walker in the way back -- what's not to love?). Which I knew was coming so I wasn't completely unprepared, but it is time-consuming and distracting.

Third, it's the Olympics! I lurve the Olympics! The pomp! The pageantry! The personalities! The curling!! I so want to be a curler! I just want them to combine it with ice dancing so I can wear a fun outfit while I deliver my stones.

Fourth, my kid is getting college acceptances. So cool! I'm so excited for him, but I'm going to have to pay for college and I have to fill out this thing called the FAFSA by March 2 which means I have to get my taxes done (or at least kinda done) before that and, well, that kind of stuff is not my strong suit.

Have I mentioned I have a book due April 1? That I don't write fast? That I had a setback early on so I'm already behind schedule?

By April 1, I will be bald because I will have ripped out all my hair. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful that I have a wonderful funny fabulous sister (well, two actually), that I can afford to buy a car when I need to, that there is such a thing as the Olympics to watch and that my kid is going to be a College Man. I just need a little break here, people! Stop being so shiny!


Karen W said...

Nice post. The problem with me, once the other stuff disappears (assuming it ever does - today the granite people are coming to do my kitchen counters), I tend to invent my own distractions. Spider Solitaire. The latest Kristin Hannah book. My book is due May 1st and I'm barely 50 pages into it.


Good luck with your deadline!

Sinead M said...

I am loving the Olympics, and cannot resist having them on all day long. Definitely shiny and distracting.

Maureen McGowan said...

I love the Olympics, too. (and my parents used to curl... LOL. Yes, I am a Canadian)

I was at my desk for 12 hours straight yesterday (line edits) but had the snow cross on in another window -- what an awesome sport! -- and then saw a little of the men's downhill.

TOTALLY FORGOT to watch the medal ceremony last night, and forgot something even bigger, not Olympics related and my guilt is so bad I can't mention it here.

Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm an Olympian watcher too. I cry for two weeks straight. The triumphs, the failures, watching those skaters fall... kills me!

Good luck with the new car Eileen. I TOTALLY get the wheel chair + walker issue. We always had to have both with my dad. He always wanted to start on the walker but we knew we had to have backup.

Wendy Marcus said...

Sorry you're behind in your work, but how can you ignore curling? I love to watch it. Just last night I went on NBColympics.com to get the schedule. I know it starts today, 9a, 2p, and 7p. But I can't find what channels it's to be shown on. HELP!

Eileen said...

Maureen, your parents were actual curlers? You are too cool!!!

Steph, the medal ceremony was cool. When Bilodeau took the podium, the crowd just exploded. It was really sweet. I was already teary because they'd just showed a profile on him and his older brother who has cerebral palsy. We'll have to compare parental notes at some point. Sounds like we might have some common ground.

And yes, I'm good at inventing my own distractions. Don't even start with the spider solitaire.

Molly O'Keefe said...

wow - your son going to college...amazing. We had Mick's 4th b-day this weekend and I was all chocked up. I will not handle college well.

And the Olympics... people always ask me what I miss most about the states and frankly - Bob Costas doing the Olympics. No one - NO ONE does it better. The olympics are the perfect vehicle for his over-the-topness.

Side note -- Eileen I will be at Nationals -- let's have a running date??!!!

Eileen said...

You betcha on the running date! But only if you promise to run realllyyyyy sllloowwwwlllyyyy. :-)

Thanks on the congrats on the boy. He got his acceptance into Cal Poly last week. We still have yet to hear from his first choice (Santa Cruz), but it's getting very real. I cried when I first saw the e-mail and cried again after he saw it and walked away with this little spring in his step.

Maureen McGowan said...

You can watch Bob Costas up here, too, Molly. :) When I was in the states for a couple Olympics, I missed not being able to watch them on 3 channels... US one, English Canadian one, French Canadian one as I was always used to up here.

Of course these days, Olympics are available on a gazillion channels everywhere... Yesterday, I alternating watching/listening to about 3 different channels on my computer, while working on line edits. (Don't tell my editor.)

Re running dates in Nashville... I'll meet you guys for a big fattening breakfast after your run. ;)

Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm also signed up for Nationals... but will be too mortally embarrassed by how red my face turns when I run to join you on your date. (Still hovering just under 2 miles.) I'll meet you both with Maureen over Eggs Benedict.

Molly O'Keefe said...

Eileen - I cried when I read that...
Oh, we'll run slowly and Stephanie of course you'll come if only so you can laugh at how much a sweat. And then we'll have beer for breakfast.

I'm loving all the olympic channels right now -- so fun.

Eileen said...

Not only do I sweat - my ponytail was literally dripping sweat off the tip at the end of the half-marathon and it was all of 55 degrees that morning - but I also pant like an obscene phone caller. Trust me, Steph, pink cheeks will not be the most embarrassing thing.

Stephanie Doyle said...

PINK!!! Try magenta. Blackberry. The color of molten lava!

I had to stop running at the gym because I could tell people thought I was on the verge of a stroke.

Although - I look similar after an extreme night of dancing!

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