Friday, December 04, 2009

What I love about the Holidays

I’ve been really grinchy in the comments section this week. It’s a combination of lack of sleep, time and restricting myself to one cup of coffee a day. A bad plan if ever there was one.

But really, I love Christmas, always have, even the year when I was sixteen and a typical sullen teenager who spent all day in my room reading Pride and Prejudice, refusing to do anything with my family, or the year I ate so much chocolate that I spent a large portion of Christmas night throwing it all back up. (seriously, it’s a wonder my parents didn’t kill me)

It’s not the gifts I love, although sometimes that part can be really nice. It’s a combination of a whole bunch of little things.

So here is my list in no particular order.

1) Candy canes. Can’t get enough of them, am eating one now as I type this and probably will have at least one a day from now until the end of Jan.
2) The home made apple pies my mother always makes. Because who doesn’t think their mother’s pie is the best in the world? And she usually makes a few, because my father will eat a whole one all by himself, and then it just gets competitive for the rest of us. So Christmas day lunch is always at least a couple of slices of home made apple pie.
3) That my husband’s family celebrates on Christmas Eve and my family celebrates Christmas day, so each side gets to keep their tradition, and we get two Christmases every year.
4) Advent calendars. Because my girls are so excited that they each have one and get to open a new door every night. A small piece of chocolate has never given as much joy as they get from their calendar chocolate.
5) Boxing day porridge. Because we usually stay at the folks place on Christmas night and in the morning my Dad makes his slow stirred porridge that sticks to your bones and is so good.
6) Playing trivial pursuit on Christmas night. It’s always girls against the boys and so far, we’ve traded wins each year.
7) Following that up with a movie my mother will heartily disapprove of. So nothing in the Christmas spirit and usually something sci fi, or thriller ish..

Ok, so as I type this, I’m now looking forward to Christmas. Now I should think about putting up my Christmas tree. Now I have to go order Molly's Christmas Anthology and Maureen's time travel anthology. I was thrilled to find both available through a major Canadian chain(Chapters), and free shipping. Seriously, how much better can it get?


Molly O'Keefe said...

Christmas day porridge with apple pie on top sounds like a tradition worth stealing.

I think we're going to go to the square in front of city hall on christmas Night to see the lights and run around. That's the first tradition we can agree on so far. I keep tossing new ones out there and the jewish man I married gets all scrougy. Go figure.

Eileen said...

Mmmm. Pie. Who doesn't love pie?

And an inappropriate movie to follow it up? Maybe I want to come to your house on Christmas, Sinead!

Maureen McGowan said...

Thanks for this post, Sinead. You've totally made me look forward to Christmas.

There's nothing like watching kids anticipate the holiday to bring it all into perspective.

Allie said...

You know, I do love candy canes. Thanks for reminding me!

J.K. Coi said...

It doesn't get much better! I love christmas, especially now that I do my best to enjoy it and don't stress about it. I love watching Bing Crosby in White Christmas on Christmas Eve, and I'm even going to attempt the turkey this year :)

Sinead M said...

Eileen, we have an open door policy, so any time. Toronto is a long way from California, but the pie might be worth the trip.

JK, good luck with the turkey.

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