Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve.... My Best/Worst 2009

See I was very sneaky about not commenting on Molly’s post earlier this week because I knew I planned to steal her idea for my post. Gee now that I think about it… sneaky, stealing… doesn’t sound very Christmassy.

Best Books:

Am I allowed to say Kinsale even though she wrote the ones I read in the 90’s? I think because I didn’t find them until 2009 that should still count. Flowers From The Storm… hello!!!! Anyone?

I am so in love with Hoyt I might have been blinded a little by Devil – but I still thought it was a solid read.

And now you’ve all ruined Hunger Games for me I’m sure because I don’t know how any book can live up to the hype… but it will be my first read for 2010.

Best TV:

Glee – I watched two re-runs I hadn’t seen earlier in the season and wow this show is good. Original, turn you on your head good. A football team dancing to Beyonce – are you kidding me?

Bones – I know this one has been around a long time. And in typical fashion the couple is moving together at the pace of an iceberg but this show is different. This season the audience knows the hero is in love with the heroine, but she doesn’t know. So we get to watch him break his heart over her while we wait to see if she is finally going to catch on. Very well done.

Best Movie:

The only one that got me into the theater this year was Harry Potter. So I’ll have to go with that.

Best Fantasy Lover:

Eric from True Blood. Brad from Generation Kill. For me the best moment in TV this season might have been Eric in the color foils chomping on a guy.

Worst Book:

New Moon. No doubt. No question. My brain still hurts from reading this book.

Worst TV:

House. This show is doing wrong everything that Bones is getting right. Granted the romance is less of a focus but if your going to dip your toe into that water, do so with some originality. I have broken up with you House.

Worst Movie:

I haven’t watched a movie that I thought WOW in long time. For me most movies are okay. Harry Potter might have been WOW except for one ridiculous scene in the middle of the movie that wasn’t even in the book. How do you edit down a 700 page book and then decide to add a scene that wasn’t there and as far as I cant tell does nothing to move the plot forward?

So for me I’m lumping movies in general into this category. Step up your game Hollywood. I’m waiting.

And Sherlock Holmes… please don’t disappoint me.


Molly O'Keefe said...

Steph - the crazy thing about Hunger Games is that it totally lives up to the hype. I've been listening to Maureen and Sinead go on and on about this book. It's one of those books you can't say enough about.

House and I are on the Rocks too. I love Bones, I love Bones and Fringe - but for some reason I never get to watch it all in order...they're both on at weird times. Probably opposite a dance competition. (Another hilarious line from 30 Rock - her dream sequence with the astronaut? He says: I hope you enjoyed all that kissing followed by my genuine interest in that dance competition show."

30 Rock - how I love thee...

I have in my house right now a pie called "Cranberry Butter Pie." Just so you know.

Alli said...

Hunger Games, huh? I think that is going to have to go on my list! Glee - I watched it for the first time last night and yes, the football team dancing to Beyonce sold the show to me. :-)

I can't break up with House just yet. I'm sorry. I just can't do it. I guess I'm waiting for it to be pulled or get better. Maybe I'm just a masochist...

I couldn't dig Fringe, the Aussie actress irks me no end. But I may be bias because I remember seeing her in some very dodgy stuff on Australian TV.

But I did get right into FLASH FORWARD - my great find for the year. I need to finish watching Heroes II so I can move on to III (I've heard it has redeemed itself).

As for books, my faves have all been parts of series - Jessica Anderson's NIGHTKEEPER series, M.J. Rose's REINCARNATIONIST series and Laura Caldwell's RED and DEAD series. Hmmm... I sense a theme here.

Wishing everyone at DWT happy holidays and I very much looking forward to reading more posts in the new year. Here's hoping 2010 is full of dreams coming true!

Maureen McGowan said...

I missed doing my list yesterday. I've come down with a Christmas cold and well, had to do all my shopping yesterday, so blogging didn't happen. Maybe I'll do a list next week.

But I'm with Alli on the don't like Fringe but like Fast Forward bandwagon. I couldn't get past the acting on Fringe, either. But for me it was the father character.

Fast Forward started to drift into predictability, but I'm hopeful they'll get their act back together.

Glee. Awesome.

Will keep thinking about my list...

Oh, and Hunger Games so totally rocks. I can't remember where I first heard of it... Twitter? Author was just so fearlessly committed to her world and idea. A bit too much recapping in Catching Fire for my taste, but loved that one, too. Cannot wait for the third book. We have to wait until August. Argh.

Eileen said...

Ooh! We get to be catty on Christmas Eve and talk about what we DON'T like? Nice! I might warm up to this holiday after all!

I liked the characters on Fringe, but some of the plot twists and turns struck me as crazy stupid. In one of the very first episodes, they solve the mystery by retrieving the last image on the dead person's retina. I could have been down with that except for the fact that they did it because some POET said the last thing a person saw should be imprinted on their eye. Poetry is NOT science. I'm still shaking my head about that one.

I really liked a lot of stuff on Glee and was SO relieved when I heard they stopped the wife's secret pregnancy subplot. Every time she would come on the screen, I'd switch channels. Couldn't help it and normally I love neurotic.

I never fell in love with House. Maybe it's because I live with a somewhat House-ish person (cranky guy with a smart mouth who has a lot of leg pain) and I tend to break up with medical shows the second they go brain tumor. They had a brain tumor episode that made me want to claw my face off in the first or second season.

I'm putting Hunger Games on reserve at the library RIGHT NOW and Molly, I want a piece of that pie!

Molly O'Keefe said...

Eileen - the pie is from my favorite bakery on my street. I have four. But this place is great because the husband wife team - nice people. great pies. What's not to love. Anyway - I asked him about the pie and he started laughing that "I can't believe it myself" laugh and he said - it's the best thing we've ever made. Ever. So it's a top shelf recommendation from the pie man!!! Can you believe it? The cranberries cut the sweet so you can eat the whole thing is my guess - will report back.

Sinead M said...

Pie.... Sounds freakin' amazing, but me, I have the Mom home made stuff. And have pigged out.

And reallly enjoying my diabetic coma,

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