Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day and my best and worst

Late post, because it's Christmas day and I'd be lying if I weren't a couple of glasses into the evening.

But so many great things to talk about this year, (please forgive the spelling and grammar problems.)

First for me, Books.

At the risk of sounding repetitious, Hunger Games, I am so passionate about that book. And then Catching Fire, which I loved almost as much. And I loved, Beguile a Beast, for me the best Historical romance I read this year. I too was disappointed by the Rehvenge book, far preferring Covet. I think perhaps I've gotten a little bored by the Brotherhood, but I still love her voice.

TV, for me, Mad Men was by far my number one choice, followed by Generation Kill, amazing series if you can find it. And Stephanie, your boyfriend is in it.
I love, like everyone else, Glee. It's far from perfect, but what works, works so well, I don't care about the flaws.
And, don't laugh, but Vampire Diaries. OK, get past the teen love diary crap and focus on the character of Damon and the plotting. They move their storylines quickly, and make them entertaining and make sure they reverse expectations at lot more than you would expect.

As for movies, I cannot comment, I haven't seen enough, but UP, was my hands down favourite of the few I have seen.
Crazy, those guys at Pixar..


Eileen said...

Well, I might be able to catch up on all those Vampire Diaries episodes I missed because SANTA GAVE MY FAMILY TIVO!!!! Can you believe it? Santa rocks!

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, Sinead! Can't wait to talk about Vampire Diaries. That was supposed to be in my missing point on Wed. ;-)

I did blog about it on my other blog... and got the most traffic I've had there in ages. Too funny.

Witty dialogue, teen angst and hot vampires. What's not to love? (Plus fast pacing and so far, some surprises.)

Maureen McGowan said...

And by missing point, I mean missing post.

G'ah. Need my brain. Fear for my editor who'll be reading crap like that in the ms I'm editing right now.

Eileen said...

Around our house, we call it "book brain," Maureen. I come out of a marathon writing session unable to speak in intelligible sentences.

My family just snickers and refers to me as "Wordsmith."

Sinead M said...

Vampire diaries are so much fun, Eileen, you need to catch up and love your TIVO,
My Tivo(PVR here) is one of the best things we're ever given ourselves.

Oh, and I forgot to add District 9 and Star Trek to my movie list. Because when it comes down to it, when it comes to movies I'm a 14 year old boy.

Maureen McGowan said...

Star Trek was going to be on my movie list, too.

And 500 Days of Summer (which I thought was so cleverly constructed) and Up In the Air (which was witty and a great character study) and a few small films I saw at the fest this fall. Don't have the brain for lists right now...

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