Friday, December 14, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts to end the week

Lots we could talk about this week. The golden globe nominations came out this week, and while they couldn’t limit themselves to nominate just five best dramatic picture nominees, they also couldn’t find any love for Friday Night Lights, or Battlestar.

Even Dexter just got a nod for Michael C. Hall, a well deserved nomination, but what about the show itself?

And I sort of get that Battlestar shows up on Space, a really far away place for a lot of the people choosing the nominees, but Friday Night Lights is easy to find.. Maybe the foreign press has a life and are out on Friday nights?

And Grey’s.. a show according to the critics I’ve read that is having a weak season managed to get nominated, as did House, which really isn’t breaking new ground this season, despite my enduring love for Hugh Laurie.

But I’m starting to be a broken record about this stuff. For a better best of List, check out Steven King’s the best of 2007 on the entertainment weekly website. The man really, really knows his pop culture and while I didn’t agree with all of his choices, I agreed with most.

Other than TV, what’s on the drunk writer mind this week?

Well, Molly’s post earlier in the week, when she talked about the elusive muse and what separates the writers from the want to be writers. Writing, even when the muse deserts you.

I would add, writing despite rejections. Getting a rejection on a project you love, and sitting down at your computer (within 24 hours, everyone gets a day to pout. I have to be reasonable) and typing another page on the next WIP. That really separates the people who are writers.

Or maybe it’s just me, but we have two choices, we can be defeated, or we can sit down and say, this one, I won’t give them a reason to reject.

And then eat a pound of chocolate, or better still drink some wine.. I’m sure it will add to the creativity..


Molly O'Keefe said...

That King essay on is fantastic. I love that his list is universal and yet so clearly slanted and rooted in his love of sci-fi - which I think tranlates better to keeping an eye out for excellent storytelling - I was disappointed in the Golden Globe noms too -- but Thank God Micheal C Hall is up for something -- WOW!!!

I can't believe House keeps getting nods. Apparently I need to watch Damages too. And I think Ben Affleck deserved anod for screenplay or directing. It's true. What Stephen King said about Gone Baby Gone is so true.

We went to go see Lars and The Real Girl this week -- Ryan Gosling is like nothing I have ever seen. I am not kidding.

K J Gillenwater said...

Damages is AWESOME! That is a must rent DVD or series DVD. I am telling you, you will be captivated from the first episode. Especially for a writer, this show is brilliant b/c I did NOT see things coming at all, and usually I am pretty good about guessing the twists and turns. It has to be pretty intelligent to stump me, and this series did it.

Plus, Glenn Close is so good in her role. So watchable. I am so glad to hear that they renewed this show for either 2 or 3 more seasons (I can't remember which).

As for the writing, I have hit a slump. The muse has gone. But this has happened before, and I have powered through it. It really is a mind over matter kind of a thing. You just have to push yourself to finish and keep writing every day (as best you can). The more I write during these down periods, the better off I am because when I am in the middle of this slump, the muse comes back and I am writing like mad once again. If I never pushed through the slow periods, I wouldn't get to that point.

A lot of my problems have to do with being my own worst critic. I let the doubt creep in and destroy my enthusiasm for a project. And that can be very hard to vanquish!

Maureen McGowan said...

Very inspiring, Sinead. I woke up this morning feeling a bit despondent about my writing (after having been excited all week about a new idea).

But your post has given me the kick in the pants I needed. I will work on my new idea today. To hell with the fact I thought the last one (and the one before that) would be my big idea to break through.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, and I've heard about Damages, Kristen. I'm not sure it was on TV in Canada, yet. I'll bet some network up here buys it up now and we'll get it soon.

I hadn't given much thought to the TV nominations, yet. I'm still reeling from no nominations for Into the Wild, for me, hands down, the best movie I saw this year. Okay, it did get nominations for song and soundtrack. VERY well deserved. Even if you don't see this movie, buy the soundtrack. But I can't believe the movie itself, not to mention Emile Hirsch, aren't getting more attention.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, and you're right about Gone Baby Gone, Molly. I'll bet the Academy pays more attention than the Foreign Press did. They love to give famous actors nods for writing and directing. And hey, Affleck has already won for writing, so he has some street cred as a writer with the Academy.

I'm hoping the Academy's penchant for recognizing actors in the directing category will get Sean Penn and Into the Wild noticed too. (Am I obsessed about that film, or what?)

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing wonderful things about Damages, and getting the series on DVD makes so much sense to me.
Great recommendation Kristin. And the doubt affects everyone, it's writing through it that proves your mettle.

I'm surprised Gone Baby Gone got ignored, considering it's hit other major best of lists. And Into the Wild, for less superior movies like American Gangster.
Those wierd foreign journalists.

I didn't tackle movies because I've seen so few, and Maureen would do such a better job, but the TV ones were interesting and disappointing.
They nominated Californication and Big Love, and Damages, which shows they do watch interested shows, but not some of the more interesting shows. I'd rate Dexter as far better than Big Love, and of course we all know my opinion on Battlestar and FNl..

Maureen McGowan said...

I just went through SK's top 10 movie list... I haven't seen a couple of them 28 Weeks Later and Breach. But all of this other ones were good movies to be sure. But weren't a few of them from 2006? Little Children? The Lookout? Children of Men? The Lives of Others?

All four excellent films. But I saw all of them in 2006, I think.

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on when the movies went into wide release, maybe.. but not sure.
I saw 28 weeks Later recently and was really impressed. Tight storytelling and really tense.
I can see why SK loved it.

K J Gillenwater said...

I liked "28 Weeks Later," too, even though there were a few flaws...

It was definitely a movie that spoke to writers about what makes for good storytelling. The beginning gave you the sympathy and understanding of the main character to follow him through the rest of the film. They also did a great job of making you feel for the sniper guy. Just very well done. And lots of exciting, tense, scary moments.

I could overlook the few problems because the character development and suspense was so well done. Plus, I'm a sucker for zombie movies.

Unknown said...

*hands over her ears*


I had to stop reading your post...I'm not done season 2 of Dexter yet!! I'm going to finish it up in the next week, then I'll come back and read this post. :)

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