Thursday, April 26, 2012

I need a book for Book Club

So I want to recommend a book for my book club. We had our first meeting, which was really cool and in the end started talking about books in general. I explained why romance appeals to me and of course one of the men in the group had to say... "Really? Romance? They're all alike."

Of course I lept quickly to romance's defense and in the end they all conceeded that I could give them a book that would change their minds about romance.

So what do you think? I'm thinking Sherry Thomas's Delicious. It's so untypical of what romance is. My other thought is Joanna Bourne's Forbbiden Rose... or really anything by Joanna Bourne. I want something that's meaty. Something the group can sink their teeth into so I can say HA!

We also actually discussed doing a category romance... they are curious about what I write. I don't want to sit around and talk about one of my books obviously and I don't want to do Molly or Karen W's books because I don't want to be biased.

So I'm open to any recommendations from the crowd. Or if anyone else has a book they loved in general.

Our next is ROOM. I'm nervous as heck to read this after Molly's post about it, but I've been dragging my tail for too long on this book so it's good I'm being pushed to read it.


Karen Whiddon said...

Kristin Hannah's Home Front - but wait, that's more Women's Fiction. Kristin Higgans. Love her stuff - she has a new book out that I haven't read yet.

I don't know if I'd go with Historical for a first foray into Romance. That's a double whammy. But just my opinion, of course.

In The Midnight Rain by Barbara Samuel/Barbara O'Neal/Ruth Wind. OMG. OMG Best. Book. Ever.

Oh, don't get me started. Sorry! I could go on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

oooh, good question. Urban fantasy might be a good starting point. They usually have enough plot to keep a guy interested and a strong romance as well, and well, that Karen Marie Moning series is pretty awesome.

Or, I love the Joanna Bourne idea, and anything by Sherry Thomas is incredible and there's always Meljean Brooks Iron Duke.

Let me know what you choose.

Maureen McGowan said...

Sinead's suggestions are good ones.

And Room will break your heart. But it's great.

Eileen said...

What about a Suzanne Brockmann? Lots of Band of Brothers kind of stuff in there for the guys. Hot hot romance, too.

I thought Room was devastatingly good. Heartbreaking, too.

Molly O'Keefe said...

OH - th Iron Duke - that's a good one. The Hawk is a good call too - Not Quite a Husband - doesn't that have all the war stuff in India? I haven't read the new Brockman - would that be a good one?

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