Monday, April 02, 2012

Am I stupid? Or is it just not good?

So, I finally watched the Mad Man opener. Lots to love. LOTS. Really engaging on about twenty different levels. One of my favorite things about this show is that I, as a pretty smart watcher, have no idea how Don Draper is going to react to things. It's like watching this man tettor totter between the best of himself and the worst. No idea from one problem to the next if he's going to take someone's head off, or give them a pass. And it was hot. Really hot in that awesome repressed sexuality way - totally dug it.

But I was reading a review of it - in Rolling Stone I think. And they were talking about how the aspects that the show gets right - namely Draper - they're A+. But the aspects they fail at - namely pacing, meandering subplots and staging - they really do fail.

And it opened my eyes to the fact that I've let this show get away with so much because I've been convinced it's so much smarter than me. If something doesn't work for me it must be my fault because the show is SO GOOD. But just because something is great and I mean really really great at a few things, doesn't mean it's bullet proof. I've had my blinders lifted.

Are there shows/books/movies out there that you've given the benefit of the doubt because parts of them are so amazing?


Anonymous said...

there are shows that I watch live and if I have to PVR them, I watch as soon as I can the next day. Game of thrones, Vampire diaries are those shows, Mad Men is on the list following them, but it's not the first show I watch.

And I think it is because for as much as they get right, they do miss on a few things and pacing is definitely one of them.

Because that Don Draper character, with the combination of the writing and Jon Hamm is incredible, and Joan, and the surprise of how much Pete's marriage actually works for him as a person and Peggy, but there is a lot they don't get right, but some of those episodes still stay so clearly in my head.

so I'm torn, I feel about it the way I felt about The Wire, I knew it to be great, but didn't always rush to watch it right away.

Maureen McGowan said...

The pacing can be slow on that show, but because I find so many other things interesting, it doesn't really bother me. But I do agree...

I've watched that 2 hour opening twice already. I get off on the details with that show.

But as for giving things the benefit of the doubt, or assuming they're smarter than you? I saw a movie on Saturday night I think critics fell into that trap with. I might talk about it on Wed, because I want to read why some critics liked the movie first. It was from a few years ago.

Eileen said...

I absolutely do that. I forgive plot holes, bad pacing, ridiculous set-ups and more if I love the characters or the dialogue (cough *Castle* cough).

As to thinking the show or the movie or the book is smarter than me? Less now than I used to, but I'm getting crotchety in my old age.

Eileen said...

Oh! Oh! I've got one! The Celestine Prophecy. Remember that? I'd heard it was really moving and spiritual and I thought it was just stupid, but until now, I've been afraid to say it.

Also . . . Tuesdays with Morrie. Makes me want to gag. For those to be revelations, a person would have to be seriously self-involved and unaware.

I'm warming up now. Just wait. I'll have more soon.

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