Friday, December 02, 2011

Stretching credibility

I will go a long way with a show or book that is exciting and keeps me guessing, or makes me laugh, probably past where a lot of other people will fall off. I'll accept if there is more good than bad.

I'm just past the point into bad with a show right now. Did anyone out there watch the first season of Camelot? I did, mostly for Joseph Fiennes and the clever, clever episode where it twisted the legend regarding how Arthur came upon Excalibur. The show is clever in some ways. They know that Fiennes is chewing scenery in a truly memorable performance. They know Eva Green is also chewing scenery, but like Fiennes she brings such energy to the screen that it elevates the show. Both actors are more interesting than the actual script and any scenes with them together are really fun to watch.

Then there is the plot of the actual King, Arthur and his love for Guinevere, a pretty blonde who's hair styles look like they came directly from the 1980's, not the distant past. Arthur is supposed to be a youth, growing into his responsibilities and that I buy. What I don't believe is the instant sizzling attraction between Arthur and Guinevere. In the show she is betrothed to Arthur's right hand man, a man easily ten years older than Arthur, one who is far better looking and more interesting and quite frankly, the moment he removed his shirt, the show lost me.

There is no way I believe Guinevere would ever be more attracted to Arthur than her fiancee, and this is the central concept of the romance on the show.

So even with Fiennes and Eva Green and some cool twists to well known legends, I'm done. There isn't enough good about the show to overcome the way they mishandled the subplot.

Anyone else watching? Are you more patient than I am?


Stephanie Doyle said...

I'm not... but now I'm considering it if there is fine man chest :)

I feel that way about Once Upon A Time. I like the show even though there are weakness - I think ultimately Ginnefer Goodwin as Snow White - brings a lot to the character. I buy her and because I do - I buy the show.

Stephanie Doyle said...

Oh and I meant to add I'm also now reading Night far loving it.

Thanks for the recomendation.

Maureen McGowan said...

I watched it all the way through, and I actually like that Jamie Bamber kid...

But her hair.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. Seriously. Where is she getting the mousse and blow dryer in that medieval castle? She's the weak link in that show.

I believe he wants her, (partly because of attraction but more because of mysticism and he dreamed of her before he met her). But I don't believe she wants him. She's just not a good enough actress. And is maybe too old for the part given how boyish Arthur is?

Eileen said...

I love you, Steph. You're right. There's something to be said for fine man chest.

I haven't been watching Camelot, but I know that feeling where the show has pushed you too far. There are others, however, where I can't figure out why they haven't pushed me too far. I mean, Castle? Really? Love that show. I should hate it for both it's goofy depiction of police work and it's totally unrealistic depiction of life as an author.

Anonymous said...

There is fine man chest on Camelot, but it's not the hero... his chest looks a little puny... and he's a boy and while it fits the character and I buy his attraction, I don't buy hers at all.
Partly because of the actress and mostly because of the man they cast as her betrothed. That man is hot and Arthur is not..

Steph, hope you love Night Circus

MJFredrick said...

You're actually more patient than me. I hated the whiny little Arthur. Like you, I think the fiancee is much more appealing.

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