Friday, December 09, 2011

My christmas list

So Christmas is a few weeks away and while I'm sweating the presents I still need to buy, the tree I still have to decorate and the Christmas cards I'll feel guilty for not having sent out, I'm putting my own Christmas list together. A sort of, if I had the time, here is where I would spend it.

1) Legend, by Marie Lu. This is a fantasy YA that is getting great buzz and while I know nothing about it, the buzz alone makes me want to read it.

2) Daughter of smoke and bone - an urban fantasy YA, again because of the buzz.

3) Girl with the dragon tattoo - because I'm fascinated to see what Fincher does with the material, and having seen the original Swedish movie and enjoyed it, curious to see if they bring something new. Plus, I've almost always enjoyed Fincher's movies and this one has Daniel Craig.

4) The Descendants - because I hear nothing but great things about this movie.

5) Sherlock Holmes - because the first was so much fun and Robert Downey and Jude Law and are my new favourite onscreen couple.

6 Downton Abbey - Because I love British historical TV dramas and this one has gotten great reviews.

7) Luther - I saw the first two episodes of this and loved it, plus Idris Elba in the title role is incredible. I need to get my hands on this.

There you go. I have my fantasy list where Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Sherry Thomas both manage to get books out in time for Christmas, or Karen Marie Moning writes another urban fantasy in the next month, but that's pretty unlikely.

Right now, I'm happy to go with the above. Throw in a glass of wine and I'm in heaven. Anyone else have a Christmas list?


Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, love your list. I think I'll just steal it. :)

I'm actually reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone right now, but on my kindle. It's fun so far. Has me interested if not amazed.

But the others are all on my must do/must see/must read list, too.

Molly O'Keefe said...

I can't believe I haven't heard of half those things on your list. Honestly - do I just live in a cave?

The Descendents is great.

I can't wait for SHerlock Holmes. I want to watch Justified and Luther. I want to get the first season of Vampire Diaries - oh! That's a good thing to do over the holiday.

I'm finishing the Night Circus and after that it's Cloud Atlas and The Lonley Polygamist and the latest Bourne book, the Meljean Brooks book and I CAN NOT WAIT for A Lady Awakened - Ceclia Grant - who will be doing a give away here on Monday!!

Eileen said...

You know what I want? I want a minute to sit down and read or watch anything. Seriously. Just a minute. Maybe two.

Maureen McGowan said...

I know I can't really complain, at all, but that's how I feel this week too, Eileen. So tired. So many movies I want to see that I don't have time to until next week, maybe? (She said hopefully.)

I just sent off a revised manuscript to my editor and feel like I've done nothing else but obsess over it for the past 2 weeks. 24/7. Now I want to watch TV or go to the movies or sleep... But have cousins showing up for dinner in not very many hours and it's been very many days since I've cleaned house. (Hint: tablecloths (used) from Thanksgiving still on dining room table. Thanksgiving in Canada was in early October. *hangs head in shame*)

Eileen said...

I know! And it's all stuff I want to do. Concerts and dinners and parties and more parties. I'm just slammed. The laundry I washed two days ago is still sitting in the baskets waiting to be folded. There are still dishes from Thanksgiving (clean, mind you) sitting on the buffet waiting to be put away. I haven't finished the gifts I was making for Christmas.

I actually want an evening at home watching TV so I can get my laundry folded and at least a start on those chalk bags I'm making!

Anonymous said...

It's the time of year when the social stuff starts to feel overwhelming.... and crazy... and all I want is a quiet evening in watching TV and, as we do laundry every evening, folding laundry..

Molly, I haven't heard of half the books on your list... we're in two separate caves

Stephanie Doyle said...

I know some of Molly's - none of yours Sinead - but since I'm loving Night Circus keep the recommendations coming.

I'm also looking forward to the Girl and Sherlock... although Rachel McAdams is back as Irene Adler... and she was the only sour note for me in the first. Oh well...

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