Friday, December 23, 2011

Got Game

In 2003 Annika Sorenstam played in a men's PGA tour event and made history as the first female golfer to play in a men's tournament in over half a century.

I had never watched golf before that, but I watched that tournament and heard some of the commentators speak about her in patronizing terms, some supportive, but no one really thought she could win, and I'm not sure she ever thought she could win and I can't imagine the pressure on her.

But at the time, I remember thinking, it would be cool to read a book about this, but with the ending changed. I even half-heartedly told my fellow drunk writers about the golf book I thought would be great to write, but truly, I would never have done it justice.

But my friend Stephanie has. A golf book where the female golfer not only plays, but believes she can win. And it's awesome. The proper ending to the story that began in 2003. Because hopefully in my lifetime, I'll see a woman playing a major tournament and win.

Stephanie, I'm not sure if I ever asked you, but did you see that tournament, is that what sparked the idea to write this book?


Stephanie Doyle said...

Sinead OMG - I lived and breathed that tournament. I followed every shot and every moment and cried with her at the end as she came walking down the 18th fairway.

It absolutely was the inspiration for this book.

And I remember being shocked.... absolutely shocked... when some of the men on tour made deragatory comments about her.

To this day I am a VJ Singh hater.

This wasn't someone making a statement, this wasn't someone trying to prove a point. This was a dominate golfer who wanted to pit her skills against better competition.

She should have been respected. Instead she was slammed.

And I think the pressure of the event turned into something she wasn't prepared for - and that hurt her game.

That's why her story - needed a different ending.

This is book is 100% for Annika.

Eileen said...

It's amazing to look at something like that and imagine what is going on behind the scenes. And getting it to end the way you wanted it to end? Truly one of the joys of being a fiction writer.

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