Thursday, July 05, 2007

Conference Bound

Okay, I'm being a negligent drunk writer this week, posting a day late and without much to say. Sorry.

I'm off the the HUGE RWA National conference in Dallas early next week and have been bogged down in getting revisions on a book done, preparing for the conference and trying to dig a few trails through the clutter filling my house, because my niece will be staying with me for a few days right after I get back and I don't want her to get crushed by one of the piles. You think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. Well, maybe a little.

This is is my fourth "Nationals" and the second in Dallas. Nothing against Dallas, but I almost decided not to go this year because of the location. But, I thought, the reason it was so insane last time was because the conference dates coincided with a Mary Kay conference. Surely RWA wouldn't make that mistake again? Surely the hotels wouldn't book two huge groups of women at the same time? Surely they learned from their mistake?

Apparently not. A group of the 2007 GH finalists are trying to get a dinner reservation for Friday night somewhere within say, ten miles of the hotel, and guess what? Everywhere is booked up with Mary Kay people. ACK!

Can't wait until the MK ladies start berating writers for not wearing pantyhose or enough make up. :-)

I'll try to post next week to let everyone know how it's going.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled you're going. Maureen is great at getting really useful information out of a conference and sharing it with her fellow writers.
considering I can't go this year, you are the next best thing.

Unknown said...

I wish I was going this year. Next year I'll be heading to San Fran and can't wait!

Go armed with lipstick and blush, will keep you safe!

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