Friday, July 13, 2007

Coming Up Blank

Ok, this is going to be the shortest blog post ever, because I have nothing to talk about. I’m not at Nationals, I had no real reason to go this year and no way to justify the funds it would take.
I’m really hoping that changes by next year, would love to go to San Francisco, but I need to justify the expense, with either a publishing contract, or a super agent willing to take me on, or a huge lottery win..
Which ever happens first.

I’m finishing a book, hopefully by mid August, and ready to send it out. So while I edit, I’m thinking agents. I learned the hard way to research the agents I want it sent to. I lost a lot of time with an ineffective agent, and don’t plan to go that route again. I need to draft a query letter and a synopsis, two things I’m dreadful at, but on the plus side, I have some talented critique partners who are great at this stuff.

And I’m thinking of the next book. I have some good ideas, but nothing coming close to an outline, or a decent structure, so I need to think on this as well. I don’t like to take too much time off during books, I lose a lot of momentum that way..

There you go, everything that’s been on my mind writing wise this week. Anyone else wish they were at Nationals?

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Molly O'Keefe said...

Hey -- here is a funny review of Transformers. FYI - there's some pictures of the nearly naked female lead and some bad language so you know it was written by a man.... very funny.

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