Friday, August 09, 2013

A collective thanks to review sites

So I just finished the new Courtney Milan historical, The Heiress Effect, and it's really great. Clever, well written, fresh and both the hero and heroine are believable and she really convinces you they're great for each other.
I love historicals, and with Milan, Sherry Thomas, Cecilia Grant and Meredith Duran, as a reader, I'm spoiled by these incredible, detailed character driven romances. That there aren't enough of them is my fault for reading them so quickly.
I do miss the more adventure driven historicals of Iris Johansen and the early Madeline Hunters where the time period is not regency or Victorian and the plot was a little over the top, but awesome all the same.
And with a large shift into self publishing, I think there are going to be more options out there in all genres. Some will be great, some, probably not.
And this is where the book review sites come in. I use a few that, while I don't always agree, usually steer me towards books I love. I know these review sites are inundated with requests for books, and most do the work for the sheer love of reading, but more and more they're going to be essential to readers like me.
So thanks to those people. Keep up the good work.

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